Oct 29 2013

Meet the artists of CFCA’s 2013 Christmas cards: Mexico

Leonardo, 14, Mexico

Leonardo, 14, Mexico

Leonardo and Nestor are from Mexico and are two of our CFCA 2013 Christmas card artists. Learn more about what inspired their card designs and about their lives here!

Leonardo, 14, from Mexico is one of the artists who contributed work for CFCA’s 2013 Christmas cards. He is currently in middle school and someday dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer.

1. What was the inspiration behind your Christmas drawing?

My family because we’d like to be like the family of Nazareth. I was also inspired by the Christmas spirit.

2. Where are you in your schooling?

I am now in middle school, and I am proud to be getting very good grades.

3. How did sponsorship change your life?

It changed my entire family because the support that I receive benefits us all.

It gave me the opportunity to go to school; I receive school supplies, shoes and clothing.

4. What dreams do you have for your future?

I would like to study mechanical engineering, because in these times it is best to go for a career that provides a good job.

Nestor, 17, from Mexico is another artist behind the CFCA 2013 Christmas cards. He loves playing soccer and would like to be a professional soccer player. He also dreams of becoming a graphic designer or computer teacher.

1. What was your inspiration behind your Christmas drawing?

My mom gave me this great idea, to make a white dove which represents the Holy Spirit.

2. What are your hobbies?

What I like most is to play soccer. I play every Sunday at 8 in the morning.

The name of our team is Amate, and I play with neighbors and friends from where I live.

We are now playing in a tournament with teams from other neighborhoods of the city.

My other hobby is drawing. I learned to like it because I saw my older brother do great drawings, and he also loves to draw.

I enjoy drawing cartoons; I try to make them like the professionals do.

3. Where are you in your schooling?

I am currently in middle school. In the future, I’d like to study graphic design or become a computer teacher.

4. How did sponsorship change your life?

The food benefits and the shoes have been very useful, but what I like most is when we play soccer with other sponsored friends.

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