Paco Wertin
Oct 18 2013

Continuing the work

Francis "Paco" Wertin, CFCA CEO

Francis “Paco” Wertin, CFCA CEO

With the passing of founder Bob Hentzen, we have had many asking if we will be stopping our work in the field. We are dedicated to continuing what Bob and our other founders started. Please read this message from us, provided in English and Spanish, to learn more.


Dear members of the CFCA family,

Thank you for the many stories about Bob and expressions of love you have shared and posted. The CFCA community has come together to mourn our shared loss but also celebrate and give thanks for Bob’s life. Project teams and sponsored families around the world have cared for each other in a special way this past week, showing the world a beautiful example Bob’s vision of a worldwide community of compassion.

Some sponsored members have asked if CFCA’s sponsorship program will continue without Bob. We want to reassure you that the program will continue. We are more committed than ever to walking with you, listening to you, and liberating the potential that exists in each sponsored child, youth and aging.

In collaboration with the CFCA Kansas Board of Directors, the leadership plan for CFCA will be communicated in the coming days.

Bob believed in each one of us so much that he invited us to be co-creators of this movement. His invitation is more important now than ever. Let us all honor Bob’s legacy of love and service by striving for excellence in our work. Let us walk together in unity, love, and a spirit of always beginning.

We love you, and we will be with you.


Francis ‘Paco’ Wertin


Paul Pearce

Director of Global Strategy

Dan Pearson

Director of International Programs


Estimada familia de CFCA,

Agradecemos todas las historias de Don Roberto, y las expresiones de amor que han compartido y publicado. Como comunidad de CFCA nos hemos unido para lamentar nuestra pérdida, también para celebrar y dar gracias por la vida de Don Roberto. La semana pasada, el personal de los proyectos y las familias apadrinadas, dieron al mundo un ejemplo de la hermosa visión de Don Roberto, la de ser una comunidad mundial de compasión, al demostrar el cariño y la preocupación por sus semejantes, de una manera muy especial.

Algunos amigos apadrinados han preguntado si el programa de apadrinamiento de CFCA continuará al no estar Don Roberto ya con nosotros. Queremos asegurarles que el programa va a continuar. Hoy más que nunca, nuestro compromiso es caminar con ustedes, escucharlos, y liberar el potencial que existe en cada niño, jóven y anciano apadrinado.

Con la colaboración del Consejo Directivo de CFCA en Kansas, el plan de liderazgo para CFCA se dará a conocer en los próximos días.

Tanto creía Don Roberto en cada uno de nosotros, que nos invitó a ser co-creadores de este movimiento. Ahora más que nunca su invitación es importante. Honremos todos juntos el legado de amor y servicio de Roberto, buscando la excelencia en nuestro trabajo. Caminemos juntos en unidad, en amor y con el espíritu de siempre comenzar de nuevo.

Los queremos, y estaremos hombro con hombro con ustedes.


Francis ‘Paco’ Wertin


Paul Pearce

Director de Estrategia Global

Dan Pearson

Director de Programas Internacionales

6 thoughts on “Continuing the work”

  1. I’m glad to have had the privilege of meeting and traveling with Bob and his lovely wife when I took the trip to India several years ago to meet my sponsored child in northern India. I was honored to be a part of this mission trip and to see all the wonderful things this organization does for the families of sponsored children in addition to taking care of the children’s needs. I was extremely impressed. I also can’t wait to return to India and possibly to Brazil and Columbia where I now have additional sponsored children. I am definitely a believer.

  2. After going on the mission trips I know Bob was planning for the future with a legacy of wonderful workers throughout the world and at headquarters. I know CFCA will continue to grow and thrive. I recently read one of Pope Francis’s comments and he stated faith is based on our God and no one man is a true leader without trusting him. Bob was such a man in surrounding himself with able workers to continue serving the poor of the world. God bless you in the days ahead and know you are supported in prayers daily.

  3. Thank you, Paul for giving us all reassurance. I know that Bob would have hand-picked the best to carry the torch forward. And then, there are we sponsors who are determined to carry on Bob’s legacy. Many of us have already brought our children on MATs with the intention of having them pick the torch from us. The CFCA experience is to be shared among Americans – it is just what we all need during these gloomy times our country is suffering through. I do all I can to spread the CFCA message in church and through my newspaper. Bob has left us a national treasure to further develop. Thank you, Paul.

    William Homolka, Editor & CEO,

  4. Blessings on you Mr. Wertin and the Pearson’s. I know all of you will do a wonderful job on continuing this awesome organization, after all you learned from the very best. My sympathy to all the CFCA staff that do such a wonderful job running things so smoothly.

  5. Thank you for addressing this. I can speak only for myself, but it is hard to imagine a future without Bob’s special kind of spirit and leadership but I know he was committed to laying out a legacy for the program to continue. I send many prayers for the viability and future of this wonderful program!

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