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Oct 1 2013

CFCA employee celebrates 30 year anniversary

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Today is a big anniversary day here at CFCA headquarters in Kansas!

Employee Linda Miller is celebrating her 30th year with CFCA.

She comes in second as the longest serving employee only to President and co-founder, Bob Hentzen.

Linda started at CFCA in 1983 when she was still in college.

She worked part-time as Bob’s assistant and later became a full-time employee.

A few years later in 1988, she participated in CFCA’s first awareness trip to Guatemala. Over the years, Linda has worked in several different departments across CFCA.

She now works as a user analyst for CFCA’s finance department and is a key team member.

“I feel fortunate to work with Linda, and I’m thrilled she is part of the Finance team,” said Martin Kraus, director of finance at CFCA.

“Linda brings a positive attitude to work each morning and it is contagious. Many of her co-workers have a strong respect and admiration for her.”

Linda has a great work ethic and many years of knowledge about CFCA. Her fun and upbeat personality also make her a popular person around the office.

Sue Defebaugh, income processing manager, recalls meeting Linda when she first started working for CFCA.

“I knew Linda would be the kind of person I wanted to get to know,” Sue said. “With so many years of experience working in almost every department, she was such an inspiration to me.

” … I give her so much credit for helping me understand so much about the founders and why we are here.

Congratulations, Linda, on 30 wonderful years!”

Linda’s daughter, 26-year-old Nicole Miller, was inspired by her mother’s commitment and dedication to CFCA.

Nicole remembers times as a child when she would come in to CFCA headquarters and watch her mother as she worked.

On these days, Nicole would help stuff envelopes, color, and play. Nicole said those were her favorite memories of her mother working at CFCA.

“It has been amazing for me, growing up, watching my mother’s passion for the organization,” Nicole said.

Linda’s love for CFCA must have rubbed off on her daughter because Nicole has been with CFCA as an intern and now employee since 2004.

“It has been a privilege to work for an organization that I have known my entire life and I’ve come to understand better as I’ve grown-up,” Nicole said.

“It means so much to me to work at CFCA and work with my mom at the same time.”

Next year, in 2014, Linda will participate in her second awareness trip to Costa Rica with her daughter Nicole.

Linda lives in Lee’s Summit with her husband, Victor, and their three daughters.

Congratulations, Linda!

4 thoughts on “CFCA employee celebrates 30 year anniversary”

  1. Thank you Margaret for your kind words. I did my best with regard to all three of my children. I feel very fortunate to be at CFCA. God’s blessing to you!

  2. Congratulations, Linda. You taught your daughter the value of work and volunteering in the best way possible: by example. I retired from a firm where I had worked for 40 years. Whereas many company “fixtures” are mocked by younger workers, you retain the wonderful attribute of inspiring them. Keep up the good work.

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