Sponsored child in Peru
Oct 14 2013

Are there ways to support Unbound beyond sponsorship?

Unbound sponsored child Nathaniel, who prefers to be called Nati, near her home in Lima, Peru.

Unbound sponsored child Nathaniel, who prefers to be called Nati, near her home in Lima, Peru.

Q. How can I help you in your mission to serve those in poverty, beyond sponsoring a child or elderly person?

A. Although Unbound’s focus is the one-on-one relationship developed through sponsorship, we have many different funds and initiatives that support our work.

  • Give to our special funds.

You can make one-time donations to our special funds, which have grown over the years to help families in different ways.

For example, the Birthday and Christmas funds make it possible for sponsored children and aging friends to come together, celebrate special days, and enjoy gifts purchased locally for their benefit.

Other funds include Disaster Response for times of natural disasters and other emergencies, Education to help youth complete their higher education, and Microfunding that help provide seed capital for micro-loans, build sustainable agriculture projects, or buy tools and develop marketable skills.

Unbound awareness trips

Unbound sponsored children in El Salvador, Melvin, Jose and Luis, on an awareness trip.

  • Spread the word.

We’re always looking for people to share their firsthand experience of us with others. Our sponsors are also our biggest advocates!

Share your review of Unbound on Great Nonprofits, an organization that encourages people to find and share information about different charities.

Other options for sharing our work include blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. (Check out seven ways to stay connected here.)

  • Consider Unbound when gift and estate planning.

Wanting to include an estate gift in your will or trust, give through a life insurance policy or donate non-cash assets? Our planned giving services can help you with all these and more.

Gifts can be sent to a specific program or fund, such as the Education fund, or support Unbound’s general mission. Unbound also offers charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts and employer matching gifts.

If you have questions or would like to request specific information on planned giving, feel free to contact us through this form. There is no obligation, and any information provided will be kept confidential.

Sponsor a child

Seen at the Unbound office in Peru.

  • Volunteer your time and experience.

Our volunteers are a crucial part of the Unbound world. They help us find sponsors, raise funds and promote Unbound at different events in their community.

From climbing mountains and running marathons to hosting bake sales and selling crafts – the ways to share Unbound are just as creative and diverse as our volunteers. If you have an idea about using your unique gifts to share Unbound or just want encouragement, feel free to
contact our outreach volunteer team anytime.

If you live in the Kansas City area, you can volunteer in an extra special way by helping process letters from our sponsored friends to their sponsors! (In 2012, our volunteers handled more than 1 million letters and donated more than 8,000 hours — a huge blessing for the entire Unbound community.)

3 thoughts on “Are there ways to support Unbound beyond sponsorship?”

  1. If there was a Bob Hentzen on every block, in every town, all over the world… just imagine! This gentle soul has truly helped me put my life in perspective. I’m a single person sponsoring four people that remind me DAILY of my immeasurable blessings, and send me their love and thoughts and dreams when all I do is make a small mindless online auto-pay commitment.
    And of all the debts I pay monthly, this is the only one that has any meaning to it. The mortgage, car payments, insurance, utilities, blah-blah… just cycles. Unbound puts my funding into new growth and new directions for real people with real lives and real needs. and real appreciation.
    Wouldn’t trade it for anything. Looking at my #5 prospect this week in Nigeria.
    Thanks, Bob!

  2. Your thoughts are exactly right.

    The essential fact is that we who have enough or more than enough have the power to FREE children, their families, and old folks from the prison of their poverty into lives that flourish. One of our elders long ago said, “The glory of God is people who are alive and flourishing.” THIS is the life Jesus called THE KINGDOM, the life Jesus called us to make happen. Today, it’s called social justice! And this is the work of Bob Hentzen and of UNBOUND. How can a compassionate person fail to support this work?

    What are you waiting for?

  3. Sometimes feelings are so strong they just need to be put into words.
    Yesterday I received a phone call from Christian Foundation for Children and Ageing (CFCA) telling me that my sponsored “child” Juan Salvador Sicay Ramirez, now age 18, has graduated from teaching school and is no longer requiring assistance. I have sponsored Juan since he was two years old. About a year ago, thinking that his pending graduation from high school would terminate his eligibility for sponsorship, Juan wrote me a wonderful thank you note. I was moved to tears by his gratitude and so proud of him for graduating from high school. Subsequently we both were thrilled to learn that sponsorship could continue for a year while he trained to be a teacher. I met Juan once when he was 4 years old when I went to “find” him, in part because I was somewhat cynically wondering just what my “money” was going to. I found Juan and his parents in Cerro do Oro, a small village with no electricity or running water. Their language was an indigenous dialect and at the most only one of 15 adults were even minimally literate. That Juan was able to survive, go to school and graduate is nothing short of a miracle in my eyes.

    Yesterday when CFCA called me with the great news about Juan I asked to continue sponsorship, my only requirement being that the participant be from Guatemala. Visiting the CFCA web site on a whim this morning, I was shocked and saddened to learn that the founder, Bob Hentzen, age 88, died October 8th at his farm home in Guatemala. Bob’s life is very interesting. I have admired him for years and am sad that he has died. At the same time I am moved emotionally about the passing of the old, the life of Bob and my sponsorship of Juan. Bob was one man, a man with a dream and vision. With a few friends he founded CFCA and has literally changed the lives of hundreds of thousands around the world, Juan being only one of them. My very tiny little part, $35 a month, hardly noticed from my funds, seem shamefully paltry in comparison. Bob changing thousands of lives; Juan graduating from teaching school. Both accomplishments started as a tiny mustard seed. With guts, hope, dreams and a little help they did so much.

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