Sponsored elders in Uganda
Oct 4 2013

A special birthday celebration for sponsored aging friends in Uganda

By Alexah Nabayinda and Sylivia Wendidda, CFCA-Uganda staffers

Everyone in life deserves to feel special.

For many elderly, the CFCA birthday celebration was the first time in their lives they had participated in such a special event.

For the CFCA Kampala office in Uganda, the Birthday Fund made the party possible.

Through this fund, each sponsored elderly friend receives a birthday gift and has the opportunity to celebrate the joy of this special day.

It wasn’t always this way . . .

This year, the sponsored aging friends had a separate party from the sponsored children and youth, and they were able to spend more time with each other.

Bena, a 70-year-old sponsored aging friend, enjoyed the birthday party with her peers.

It gave her a chance to get out of the house and have fun with people her own age.

“I thank my sponsors, John and Lynn, who love me so much and made my birthday party possible and special,” Bena said.

Bena is proud of her sponsors because they show her love and care through the monthly benefits she receives.

The sponsored aging friends were all excited to be present on this special day.

They dressed up and were early to arrive.

The party started with a prayer where the sponsored elderly prayed for their sponsors and their families.

A number of the aging friends were given a chance to share their sponsorship story with others.

“I am loved and honored to have my sponsors,” shared 73-year-old Sefolooza, a sponsored aging friend.

“At first, no one would love me since my origins are far away from this community, and people here tend not to understand my culture.

“But my sponsors did not mind all that, and they chose me to be part of their family.”

Edward, 80, a sponsored aging friend, also shared his story.

“Today I worry less about my elderly illnesses because I am assured of accessing healthcare at the health center,” Edward said.

“I have been waiting for this day for a long time,” said 68-year-old Federesi, who was excited to get dressed up and feel special for the birthday celebration.

“I can dress up smartly in my traditional dress that I received as part of my sponsorship benefits.”

Zam, another sponsored aging friend from Kampala, is not in good health, but she did not let that stop her from joining her fellow CFCA aging friends at the birthday party.

She enjoyed the company and the different ideas she shared with them.

The Kampala office serves 201 aging friends.

The birthday celebrations foster unity, friendship and also create a positive image.

They receive gifts and can laugh and talk with others.

The sponsored elderly are grateful for these celebrations and the gifts from their sponsors.

The birthday fund provides parties and culturally appropriate gifts, adding an element of celebration to the sponsored aging friends’ lives!

Get the details on the CFCA birthday fund!

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  1. Thank you Alexah and Sylvia for this lovely story, it really shows how special CFCA beneficiaries are both the young and old.Keep up the good work

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