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Oct 23 2013

A humble leader motivated me

Colombian sponsored youth

Alfredo, 19, serves as an inspiration to fellow students in Colombia.

Alfredo, 19, is a sponsored youth served by our Cartagena, Colombia, office. He helped with an Awareness Trip earlier this year and met with several sponsors and Bob Hentzen. Alfredo tutors 9th graders in his community, and was inspired even more by his meeting with Bob to continue helping.

Here in our town youth are at risk because we find people with drug problems, committing vandalism and joining gangs.

From my heart I want to guide and protect them from these risks.

I help with the youth group in my community and I teach 9th graders about moral values and prevention about the difficulties youth have in our area.

We talk about the difficulties, which affect them.

I feel satisfaction for doing something for the youth; I think God gave me this mission of helping others.

CFCA sponsored youth

Alfredo and some of the youth he mentors.

My best achievement is that the youth have changed their attitude and they feel the impact of my classes.

To me, being a sponsored youth is an opportunity.

It is a privilege that not all have.

Many people are in need, and they do not have a sponsor or support.

My story in CFCA started when I was much younger.

I was very active in the program and I liked to know everything.

I attended Catechesis and I admired my teacher a lot.

I said to myself, “someday I would like to be in front of many children to teach them as my teacher does now.”

When I started teaching, I felt that responsibility of helping others. I wanted to share all that I know.

Alfredo teaches a group of 9th graders at the local CFCA office.

Alfredo teaches a group of 9th graders at the local CFCA office.

I am currently in my eighth semester of undergraduate work.

My dream is to get a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and do social work.

This year I had the chance to meet Mr. Robert Hentzen during the awareness trip in Cartagena.

I admire his social and missionary labor around the world.

I would like to be like Bob someday. I love to help others.

Meeting the sponsors during the awareness trip was a great experience.

It was very emotional and exciting.

It touches my heart that they know us through pictures but feel a commitment to help us.

It is beautiful to see that they care about us.

My message for the sponsors is that we are so thankful and your support is a great help to us.

We will thank you all our lives.

You are part of our present and our future.

I feel very motivated to help others since I met Mr. Robert and the sponsors which visited us, and I will do my part to help them to build a good community in my area.

CFCA sponsored child

Alfredo takes a group photo outside the local project office with the 9th graders he mentors.

2 thoughts on “A humble leader motivated me”

  1. You sound like a very special young man. I’m sure your parents, family and sponsor are very proud of you. I’m sure Robert would be happy and proud that you grew into such a bright light in your community. Young men and women like you give everyone hope for the future. Thank you for making a difference.

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