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Oct 28 2013

5 factors to consider when choosing your sponsored friend

In El Salvador, CFCA sponsor, Mike Madama, prepares to give his sponsored friend Karla a big hug.

In El Salvador, CFCA sponsor, Mike Madama, prepares to give his sponsored friend Karla a big hug.

Behind every sponsorship is a story — how you found your sponsored friend, why you sponsored and your ongoing relationship as you both learn more about each other’s lives and dreams.

Sometimes, though, people aren’t sure where to start. Should they sponsor a boy or girl? Child, youth or aging person?

And in which country?

Here are a few factors that can help when choosing your sponsored friend:

1. Special connections

Several sponsors have felt a personal connection with their sponsored friend because of something they had in common.

Maybe they shared the same birthday, first name, or favorite school subjects and pastimes.

Or maybe their children are the same age as those they sponsor. The possibilities are endless.

When you sponsor a child or aging friend through CFCA, you can choose by gender, age, birthday or first name. We’ll do

our best to connect you with the person you’re looking for!

2. Desired length of sponsorship

Child sponsorship can last many years as your friend goes through school, completes his or her studies and graduates from our program.

Sometimes, though, people want to help someone who’s almost finished their education — someone who just needs a little extra help.

In that case, sponsoring an older student may be best suited for your sponsorship experience.

Many of these students have only a few years left to achieve their educational goals, whether it’s technical college, high school or university.

CFCA sponsor Bill Johnson walks with Angela, a sponsored elderly friend in El Salvador.

CFCA sponsor Bill Johnson walks with Angela, a sponsored elderly friend in El Salvador.

3. ‘In honor of’

We also offer the opportunity to sponsor the elderly. Too often these people have no one to depend on for their survival, as they receive no social security and their relatives may not have the resources to support them.

After Rosanna’s mother died, Rosanna sponsored Antolina, an aging person in Honduras, in honor of her mother, who died at 92.

“I wanted to help another aging woman who didn’t have the resources we have,” she said.

Like Rosanna, people sometimes honor the memory of their loved ones by sponsoring someone.

Or perhaps, like Erin, you’re continuing a beautiful family tradition of paying it forward through sponsorship.

4. Country

Some of our sponsors have traveled to the countries where we work.

For them, it’s a natural decision to connect with someone there as they already know the culture and environment.

Maybe you haven’t traveled to the country where your sponsored friend lives, but you’ve always had a fascination with the place itself.

Or perhaps the country has been on your heart because of a natural disaster or other emergency that has affected those living in poverty.

Jessica, a CFCA sponsored friend in El Salvador.

Jessica, a CFCA sponsored friend in El Salvador.

5. Most in need

If you prefer, we can always select someone for you — whoever is most in need of sponsorship at this time.

We have a priority list of children, youth and aging friends waiting for sponsorship.

Priorities include the length of time they’ve been waiting for a sponsor; special needs, such as physical or mental disabilities; and living conditions.

You can always contact us at mail@cfcausa.org or call (800) 875-6564 if you’d like us to choose someone for you.

Have any of these factors influenced you to sponsor or consider sponsorship? Let us know in the comments … or add other factors we may have missed!

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