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Sep 25 2013

Why letters are so important

Jhonny smiles big for the camera!

Jhonny smiles big for the camera!

Ask 7-year-old Jhonny about his sponsor, Leiandro, and the words spill out.

Although he’s only been sponsored for a year and a half, Jhonny and his sponsor have formed a strong friendship.

Jhonny can tell you all about Leiandro’s work as a mechanic and about the band he plays with on the weekends.

Their words, written on paper and flown thousands of miles through the mail, have united them.

“I like to tell my sponsor about my life and the things that happen to me,” Jhonny said.

“I like to tell him about how I am doing at school, and I want to let him know how much I miss him.”

For Jhonny, the letters he receives from his sponsor represent a friendship that he treasures.

Their letters are also a form of education.

“Sponsorship is a good opportunity for children because they learn about people from other countries,” Jhonny’s mother, Janey, said. “They learn many new things.”

Recently, Leiandro’s daughters drew Jhonny a beautiful photo of a church, and Jhonny wanted to reciprocate the gift.

“I made a drawing this time with a heart with wings of an angel falling down to the earth,” Jhonny said.

“It [represents] our mutual love, and the wings of the angel means that my sponsor is an angel to me.”

Through letters, both families are learning more about each other, about new cultures and about the gift of friendship.

It seems the angels bring a little extra love with each letter Jhonny and Leiandro exchange, as their adventure of letter-writing continues.

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