Top four Thursday
Sep 5 2013

Top-four Thursday

Welcome to CFCA’s new blog segment: Top-four Thursday!

We’re excited to share some amazing stories, which you can only read on our website.

Read these great stories of hope, survival, determination and success from sponsored friends and their families all around the world!


For the love of coffee

Coffee rust fungus

Marco points out the coffee rust fungus destroying his crop.

Coffee plays a vital role in the livelihood of many families in Guatemala.

Although their crops are being destroyed by the coffee rust fungus, families remain hopeful and encouraged during difficult times.

Marco, a grandfather to three sponsored children, is a coffee farmer in Guatemala who bears the growing burden of providing for his family while the coffee rust fungus consumes his most vital resource — his crop.

Coffee rust fungus is epidemic in Guatemala and many areas of Central America.

“This is the only income for me and my family,” he said. “I do not have any other income; coffee is everything for me.”

Marco is not alone in this struggle. Florentino, father of two CFCA sponsored children, is also losing his crops to the fungus.

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Miguel’s story: Spicing up life with salsa dancing

Miguel with salsa partner

Miguel and his dance partner, Valentina, dance the salsa.

Miguel leads a double life as a teenager in Cali, Colombia. During the week, he attends high school and studies hard.

For four hours every Thursday and Saturday, he walks through town to a salsa dance academy where he transforms himself into a fun-loving but focused, driven dancer.

As a sponsored youth in Colombia, Miguel keeps his dream alive through salsa dancing.

His sponsorship allows him the opportunity to continue using his talents in hopes of one day becoming a professional salsa dancer.

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Woman weaves her way through fulfilling life

Hand-made woven basket

Marie shows her finished baskets. By using her talents, she is able to help improve the quality of her life and earn money.

Humming happily, her fingers moving gracefully, Marie weaves colorful strands of synthetic material to make a beautiful basket.

At 80 years young, she is happy to be part of the CFCA Hope for a Family program for sponsored elderly in Madagascar, an island nation off of Africa’s southeastern coast.

“I am so happy because CFCA has become my family,” Marie said. “I had 11 children. Only six are remaining and they live far away from me. My husband passed away a long time ago.

“I am no longer sad. I have CFCA.”

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Kenya staffer and former scholar a man for others

Erick-Musembi, CFCA-Nairobi-staff-member

Erick Musembi, a CFCA-Nairobi staff member is hard at work.

Dreams can translate into reality, if only we can hold on and keep hope alive.

Erick Musembi, a CFCA-Nairobi, Kenya, staff member and former scholarship student, knows this only too well.

“I always dreamt of working in an office, dressed in a nice shirt and seated behind a desk,” Erick said. “I, however, felt that this dream would never come true.

“I had no resources to pursue my goals. I could not see any light at the end of the tunnel, but I still dreamt.”

Erick’s life was transformed when he enrolled in the CFCA Scholarship Program in 2007.

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