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Sep 19 2013

Med skills: A sponsored youth dreams of becoming a doctor


Luis smiles as he answers questions about becoming a doctor.

Luis is a sponsored youth from the Cartagena area of Colombia. He is in his final year of medical school and will be the first doctor from his community! His education allows him to give back to his family and to the community he grew up in.

Luis shared his story with us.

I am very close to becoming the first doctor from the Manzanillo community thanks to the support of my sponsors.

When I was 5 years old, my mother asked her friend to take care of me, and she moved to another town with my siblings.

I never met my father. I think this is the path of my life, and I know God always has a plan for our lives.

The family I grew up with has always had many needs.

The support of my sponsors helped me and my adoptive family as well.

Thanks to my sponsors, I am reaching my dream of being a doctor.

My sponsors mean everything to me. They have brought me my education since basic school, high school and college.

For me, the sponsorship has been a new start to my life.

When I was in ninth grade, my sponsors asked me through their letters about the career that I would like to learn.

I wanted to become a doctor.

I felt the biggest joy of my life when I knew that my sponsors would help me with my medical career.

I became glad and it brought me hope again.

Learning medicine is not easy.

You have to read a lot of books and learn a lot of topics.

When I have difficult moments learning medicine, I always think of the opportunity my sponsors have given me, and I get strength to continue learning and to make them proud of me.

The key to getting ahead in your career is to study hard and ask the right questions of your teachers.

Medicine is a big responsibility toward the patients. For that reason I am committed to my studies.

Luis reading.

Luis studies a medical text while waiting to see a patient.

Now that I am getting a medical education, I would like to go back to the town where I grew up to help the people there with my knowledge.

The hospital is far away from the town and they do not have the economic resources to pay for a doctor’s appointment.

Luis checking patient.

Luis checks the blood pressure of Carmen, a CFCA staffer from the subproject located in his community.

I feel joy because the community feels proud of me because I will be the first doctor from our town.

I will never forget when my sponsors wrote to me and they told me they think I am their Superman because I have reached so many goals.

It makes me feel very proud of myself.

I encourage sponsored youth to write letters to their sponsors and share their dreams so together they can reach all their dreams and goals.

By sponsoring a child, you can change the lives of many people and families in a community, just as I am able to do thanks to my medical career.

Interested in helping with your sponsored friend’s higher education? Contact Sponsor Services by email at or call (800) 875-6564 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time to learn more.

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  1. This story literally gave me goosebumps! This only encourages my husband and I to keep on loving and supporting our beautiful child like we have for years now. Thank God!

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