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Sep 3 2013

Kenya staffer finds joy in letters

CFCA staffer sorts mail

CFCA staff member Lawrence Maina in Kenya processes letters and packets sent by sponsors to their sponsored children.

By Regina Mburu, CFCA communications liaison for Africa

Sorting through the parcels and letters, Lawrence Maina goes through each of them keenly and logs them in the record books.

He smiles as he reads through the lines written by sponsors to their sponsored children.

Lawrence is the driver at CFCA’s project in Nairobi, Kenya, but he also helps open the letters and parcels that come through the project office.

He performs his two responsibilities gracefully, and the delight on his face as he talks about his work tells it all.

“At the Nairobi project we receive so many parcels and letters from the sponsors,” Lawrence said.

“Sometimes it gets overwhelming, especially during the Easter holidays and Christmas holidays.

“It is a great joy when we receive these because each parcel carries with it the love that they (sponsors) have for their sponsored child.”

Parcels contain gift items such as bookmarks, colored pencils, clothing, books and so much more.

Lawrence notes the items contained in each parcel and records them for accountability purposes, and he reads the letters to make sure they meet with CFCA’s child protection policies.

The parcels and letters are then dispatched to the subprojects and handed over to the children.

“It is interesting to read through the letters and learn a thing or two about the sponsor’s country and culture,” Lawrence said.

Letters and parcels are one way sponsors bond with their sponsored children.

It is a special kind of one-to-one relationship that develops, said Peter Ndungo, Nairobi project coordinator.

“The look on the children’s faces when they receive letters and gifts from their sponsors is priceless,” Peter said.

“They are so excited that someone who is miles away has them close in their hearts and remembers them fondly.”

One of the characteristics of CFCA’s Hope for a Family sponsorship program involves broadening our worldview.

CFCA sponsored children writing letters

In this photo from the CFCA archives, sponsored children in Kenya write their sponsors.

Through sharing of experiences and culture, both the sponsor and sponsored child become aware of the differences and similarities between them, and learn to embrace each other regardless of their race, culture or country of birth.

“I am particularly touched by the fact that the sponsors are miles away from their sponsored friends, but they have time to write to them and share their lives with them,” Lawrence said.

“In our African culture it is a bit difficult to open up and share our lives in detail, but the children are learning from the sponsors, and bit by bit they are opening up and letting sponsors into their lives.”

Sponsors and sponsored children form a bond of love through letters that keeps them close to each other’s hearts, always.

Lawrence is happy to help them make that connection.

“It gives me great joy serving in CFCA,” he concluded.

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  1. Great article. It really helps us as sponsors see what happens with our letters to our sponsored children. Thank you for posting this.

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