Sep 4 2013

Former CFCA scholar in Guatemala looks back with joy

Carmen, a former CFCA scholar in Guatemala, recalls the struggles she overcame to achieve her dream of graduating from high school. She started her own business while in school to provide extra income for her family.

My name is Carmen.

I am 18 years old, and I have seven siblings.

This year I graduated from high school as a bilingual secretary. It was a great milestone for me and my family.

CFCA gave me a scholarship when I was in the eighth grade. I was 13 at the time and I was going to a public school in my village of Chipiacul, Guatemala.

I can honestly say that it made all of the difference for me because my parents could not pay for my school-related expenses.

I thank CFCA for this great experience. I was able to interact with other scholars and sponsored children.

I even had the chance to help younger children who were having problems with their math class.

We became good friends, and we played and laughed together.

When I moved on to the ninth grade, the scholarship helped pay for my monthly tuition and computer class.

CFCA gave me another opportunity when they helped me start my own small business raising chicks.

It was great because I was able to obtain extra income.

I sold the meat and the eggs, and with the earnings I was able to pay for my transportation expenses to school.

I entered high school in 2009, I had to leave my village to study in a bigger town, and once again, my scholarship was vital to pay for housing expenses.

I would come back home on weekends and my chicken business continued to do well.

I thank God because I have now graduated from high school.

The CFCA scholarship program made it possible.

As scholar holders, CFCA educated us in topics such as AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, self-esteem, leadership, respect, solidarity and honesty to mention a few.

We also learned about recycling, we even made a sofa with recycled plastic bottles.

Recycled bottle sofa

As a CFCA scholar, Carmen learned the importance of recycling. CFCA scholars constructed this living room set out of recycled plastic bottles.

We learned how to make donuts, jam, earrings, necklaces, and how to grow vegetables and fruits.

I was a scholar holder for five years, and all I can say is thank you; thank you so much for helping me achieve this dream.

I thank God and my parents for all of their love, may God bless us all.

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2 thoughts on “Former CFCA scholar in Guatemala looks back with joy”

  1. Congratulations, Carmen. You are a remarkable young woman. I wish you the best in your future.
    You make me want to contribute to the scholarship fund.

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