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Sep 11 2013

Boy leads happy life after getting treatment for skin disorder

Hamile and his family

Hamile, right, with his sister, Kelly, and his niece, Taliana, in front of their home.

When Hamile was 8 months old, he developed epidermolysis bullosa, a skin disorder in which the skin is fragile and can become easily damaged.

Through CFCA sponsorship, Hamile has been able to receive treatment and is now on track to living a carefree, happy life.

My name is Hamile, I’m 13 years old and I live in Cartagena, Colombia.

I was sponsored when I was 5 years old.

I live with my two sisters and my niece because my mother works in Venezuela.

She works to support us and our daily needs.

I only have the chance to see her every six months for one week at a time.

When I was 8 months old, I developed a skin disorder called epidermolysis bullosa.

Hamile, a sponsored child from Guatemala

Epidermolysis bullosa is an inherited connective tissue disease, which causes blisters in the skin and results in skin fragility.

Sometimes it was difficult for me to meet other children because I was afraid they would laugh at me, or they would not accept me because of how my skin looks.

When I joined the sponsorship program, I had the chance to be part of a children’s group at CFCA.

I would visit the local CFCA office and the other children were very kind.

They understood it was not my fault.

Through my sponsorship, I receive some of the medicine and skin creams I need to keep my skin problem under control.

Hamile putting on lotion

Through sponsorship, Hamile receives medicine and skin creams to help heal his skin.

However, when the temperature rises my skin gets worse, so I have to take good care of myself.

I had a difficult moment when CFCA took the sponsored friends to the swimming pool to enjoy a recreational day.

I could not get into the swimming pool to play with my friends because of my skin disorder.

It was a hard day for me.

But, I feel confident at school with my classmates, thanks to the self-esteem and moral values I learned at CFCA.

Hamile working on homework.

Hamile studies for school.

Thanks to the CFCA children’s group, I overcame my fear of being rejected by other children.

Since then, I started to have normal relationships with others and I’ve become a much more outgoing person.

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