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Aug 22 2013

The inspiring life of Graciela

CFCA in Colombia

Graciela welcomes us to her humble home.

Graciela, her husband and their two girls live on top of a mountain in the beautiful countryside of Cali, Colombia.

It is quiet and peaceful in the rural area where they live.

Graciela’s two daughters, Viviana and Gloria, are sponsored through CFCA.

The family lives in a modest, mud home Graciela and her husband built.

The area where the family lives experiences hard rainy seasons in addition to earthquakes and tremors.

During the rainy season rain will often flood the home. Earthquakes often shake the home and the family is frightened for their safety.

CFCA in Colombia

Another view of Graciela’s home.

“My goal is to improve our house. … We want to have a house made of bricks to live a better life and not worry about tremors or flooding,” Graciela said.

CFCA in Colombia

Graciela and her children, Gloria, left, and Viviana, middle.

Graciela and her husband are working to build a new home — one brick at a time.

Plinio, her husband, works on a farm, and receives his pay in the form of onions.

Plinio is granted a portion of the harvest, which he sells at the market.

If the heavy rains damage the crops, however, Plinio gets a much smaller cut of the harvest, which may not be sufficient for all of the family’s needs.

To help support the family, and get closer to her dream of building a safe home, Graciela started earning income by growing and selling vegetables, plantains and coffee.

She also rears animals such as ducks, chickens and rabbits.

Graciela has also been very active in her CFCA mothers group.
“Thanks to CFCA I have learned about economic self-sufficiency and there I have got many ideas how to help my family,” she said.

With the money she earns from selling her goods at the market, she purchases what materials she can to build a new, safer home.

Graciela saves her income and purchases bricks day by day to bring a secure and safe home for her girls.

“Thanks to CFCA support,” Graciela said, “we are learning how to use our talents and the resources around us to help us improve our life and bring a better life to our children.”

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