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Aug 29 2013

Sponsored youth in India inspired to help others

CFCA in India

CFCA sponsored youth Madhuri(center) tutors younger children in the CFCA sponsorship program.

Many sponsored friends aspire to a better future so that they can, in turn, help others living in poverty.

Madhuri, a sponsored young woman in India, is just one example.

She is pursuing a two-year teaching course that will allow her to get a job as a teacher in a primary school.

After realizing the problem that most families living in poverty face is the inability to support their children’s education, Madhuri decided to begin an after-school tutoring program for CFCA sponsored children.

She took out a loan through the CFCA youth program to purchase a table so the students would have a place to do their homework.

She meets with CFCA sponsored children daily after school and tutors them.

She offers very affordable rates compared to other tutors in the area, and she uses the money she receives to repay her loan.

The money she makes also helps with her family’s expenses and her educational expenses.

Madhuri credits her sponsor as her source of inspiration to help others.

“My sponsor is my inspiration because she helped me when my family was not able to provide for my education,” she said. “My sponsor has a beautiful and kind heart to help children in need.

“What I do today for other children is only because my sponsor has influenced and inspired me by her good deeds.

“Now I want to dedicate my life and services to help others around me.”

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