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Aug 14 2013

Sharing their similarities from Pennsylvania to El Salvador

By Naresli Calito, CFCA communications center correspondent for El Salvador

CFCA sponsored children and aging friends enjoy many opportunities to dream of a better future.

Opportunities to dream, however, weren’t readily available for 7-year-old Emerson, until Heather, a 17-year-old from Pennsylvania, became his sponsor.

A few days before Heather was set to participate in a CFCA awareness trip to El Salvador, she decided to sponsor Emerson, a Salvadoran child waiting for sponsorship.

Some people decide to sponsor a child based on a special connection; it could be a similar birthday or a name, but when Heather saw Emerson’s photo, she knew it had to be him.

Emerson is a smart boy and does well in school. He loves to draw and play soccer with friends.

He is definitely not shy when it comes to showing off his talents as a dancer!

While on the trip, Heather got the opportunity to meet Emerson in his humble home, made of a metal sheet roof, cinder-block walls and a dirt floor.

They hugged each other with eyes squeezed shut and big smiles on their faces.

CFCA awareness trips

Heather meets her sponsored friend, Emerson.

That was a special day for Emerson and his mother, Sonia.

Sonia brought some extra plastic chairs into their small living room, and they all enjoyed a nice conversation.

“When [the social workers] told me that [my son] was sponsored, the first thing I did was give thanks to God,” Sonia said.

For Heather, this visit was the start of her adventure of CFCA sponsorship.

“I feel happy to have met him,” Heather said.

Their friendship will grow as they stay in touch through letters.

“I’m going to write a [letter to Heather]. I’m going to draw with blue because that’s her favorite color,” Emerson said.

At CFCA, the connection between sponsor and sponsored friend becomes stronger when they share things they have in common.

Despite living in vastly different places, they become connected by sharing their similarities, dreams and goals with one another.

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