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Aug 15 2013

{Pretty, happy, funny, real} in Peru

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

Every Thursday the Like Mother, Like Daughter blog invites bloggers to post four pictures – pretty, happy, funny and real – and give a little context for each picture.

So here’s {phfr} in Peru at the CFCA blog:


CFCA in Peru

The love between a mother and her child is a very pretty thing.

This mother and her child visit the CFCA center in Peru to receive sponsorship benefits.

Monthly benefits can include goods, education, skill development and community support. Families are able to save their income for other necessary items.


CFCA sponsored children in Peru

It’s always a fun time to play a game with your brother or sister! Meet Maria and Carlos, two sponsored children from Peru, with their dog Bebe [baby].


CFCA in Peru

How cute is this little guy? Leonard, who likes to be called “Nato,” flashes a toothless smile while ducks with a Dalmatian coloring hang out in the background. “Nato” and his family in Peru take care of many different animals to help support their income. They have ducks, rabbits, chickens and even a turtle!


CFCA in Peru

This is a neighborhood in Peru where many CFCA sponsored friends and their families live. Many of the homes are located high on the mountain with limited access to electricity, bathrooms and clean water.

CFCA seeks to offer hope and restore dignity to people in real need.

By sponsoring a child or aging friend, our sponsors are making a difference in the lives of people in poverty around the world.

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11 thoughts on “{Pretty, happy, funny, real} in Peru”

  1. What an excellent post. Whoever took and posted these photos is a great photographer. We sponsor through CFCA and really appreciate the information! Thanks!

  2. I love the little baby in the top photo! I wonder if “Nato” is similar to the English “Junior.” My Mother-in-law had an exchange student from Brazil who now has a son they call Nato

  3. Es muy bonito ver como CFCA continua ofreciendo esperanza en las familias apadrinadas, en cualquier lugar del mundo.

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