Indvidual Sponsor Visit
Aug 12 2013

Longtime sponsor visits India to see youth who had brain surgery

A decade-long sponsor, Judith Ivey recently returned from a visit to India to see her sponsored youth Glory, who recently underwent brain surgery.

By Jordan Kimbrell, CFCA Sponsor Services

Judith Ivey has been a sponsor for more than 10 years, and has sponsored several children through CFCA.

While she has special bonds with each of them, her friendship with Glory, who is from India, took on new meaning last year.

Judith has sponsored Glory since Glory was 8 years old. Ten years later, she continues to support Glory and her education.

The two spent time with each other when Judith visited on CFCA awareness trips to India, and over the years they created a special bond.

But last summer, Judith thought she and Glory might never see each other again. Judith had received a letter from Glory’s sister saying Glory had a brain tumor.

Judith was able to learn more about Glory’s condition through CFCA.

She also learned what steps Glory needed to take to receive the required treatment.

With assistance from Judith and CFCA, Glory underwent brain surgery to remove the tumor, which was benign.

Wanting a chance to check on Glory’s recovery herself, Judith visited CFCA’s office in Hyderabad last month.

Judith sponsors Glory and Glory’s cousin, William, and she was able to meet with the whole family, who welcomed her into their home.

Though Glory is scheduled for a follow-up exam later this year, she is quite happy and expects a clean bill of health.

William updated Judith on his progress in school and received further encouragement in response.

Judith experienced traditional Indian food and family life.

The most important part for Judith, though, was simply getting the chance to once again sit with Glory and give her a big hug.

The children Judith sponsors have received both financial and emotional support from her in the 10 years she has been a sponsor.

Through the CFCA program, Judith has been able to create bonds of friendship that span oceans and will last a lifetime.

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