Aug 27 2013

Games children play in Colombia

Summer is a great time to go outside and just have fun! Children around the world have shared some of their favorite games with us, and today we bring you games from Colombia!

Fuchi [Footbag]


David, an Unbound sponsored youth in Colombia, practices his tricks with the fuchi.

In Colombia, it is not uncommon to see children gather around to play fuchi whenever they have free time.

Fuchi is a popular, freestyle sport in which children use their feet to perform tricks with a footbag, without letting it touch the ground.

Children toss the bag from one foot to the other, performing complex tricks in between.

While many children may practice their tricks alone, others gather and challenge each other to a game of fuchi.

Various styles of fuchi tricks developed as the sport became more popular.

Players often choreograph routines to music, executing difficult moves in sync with the beat.


All you need is a footbag, much like a hacky sack, and open space to perform tricks.


1. Tricks can only be performed using your feet.
2. The fuchi cannot touch the ground during a trick.
3. Have fun and be creative!

There is no set winner for freestyle fuchi. Players may determine a winner according to who completed the best tricks.

rana [frog game]

Rana is a traditional game in Colombia people of all ages enjoy.

The game table used to play rana is often found in areas similar to arcade rooms.


All you need to play rana is a game table, often found in arcade areas, and 10 game chips.


1. Rana can be played alone or with multiple people.

2. Each player must stand approximately 11 1/2 feet away from the game table.

3. Each player takes turns tossing one game chip at a time.

4. Points are awarded according to where the game chip lands.

5. The goal is to make the game chip into the mouth of the frog(s), typically located in the middle of the table.

6. Once all of the game chips have been played, each player’s points are totaled. If two or more people are playing, the player with the most points wins.


Quick thinkers excel in this popular game in Colombia.

Similar to “Scattegories,” “Stop” is used to practice letters of the alphabet, numbers and vocabulary.


Each player needs a piece of paper and a pencil.


1. This game can be played with two or more players.

2. The game begins with one player reciting the alphabet silently to himself or herself.

3. After a few moments, another player yells, “Stop!”

4. All players must then play the game with the last letter said by the player reciting the alphabet.

5. All players write a word beginning with the determined letter for the following categories:

  • City or town
  • Country
  • First name
  • Food
  • Plant or flower
  • Animal
  • Color

6. The first player to complete his or her list then yells “Stop,” and the other players put their pencils down.

7. All players share their answers and are awarded a point for each word written down.

8. The player who reaches the pre-determined number of points first wins the game. Once that player reaches the final number, he or she yells “Stop” and the game ends.

Trompo [Top] and yo-yo

Trompo and yo-yo are two popular toys that children play with in their free time in Colombia.

It is common to see children trying to outperform one another with impressive tricks using their trompo and yo-yo.

Children also use their trompo and try to make it collide with another person’s trompo, seeing which trompo can withstand the impact and continue spinning the longest.

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