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Aug 8 2013

CFCA scholar embarks on a new chapter

The CFCA project in Legazpi, Philippines, recently sent us success stories from young adults who were sponsored through CFCA. Here’s one from Diana, who just graduated with her nursing degree after many challenges along the way. Congratulations, Diana!
A new chapter signifies new adventures, new learning, new wisdom and new experiences.

I am Diana, and I am the oldest of seven children.

My father is a garbage truck driver and a part-time tricycle driver, and my mother is a former school canteen helper and a full time housewife now.

As I grew up, I knew the responsibilities that lay ahead of me.

I was a sophomore in high school when I was welcomed as a CFCA sponsored youth through the recommendation of my former grade 6 advisor.

It was a blessing to us.

But our strength was tested when my father had lost his job and decided to settle as tricycle driver to support our daily needs.

My parents knew that my father’s income would not be sufficient, especially since I would soon be entering college.

However, my parents did not discourage me to stop my college application.

I sold chocolate chips and snacks to help my family earn extra income for our daily school allowances.

And I became a youth official in our barrio to earn a scholarship for my college education.

I even joined writing contests to have extra money to aid in my school fees.

A good opportunity arose when I joined a writing contest organized by an alumna who was a politician in our district.

Through these connections, my father found another job as a city garbage truck driver.

College life was a chapter that would be exciting, but it was not easy.

From that point in time, my parents would work overtime.

My mother began working as a school canteen helper and my father would work part-time as a tricycle driver after his full work day as a garbage truck driver.

I am blessed to have parents who give their support even in the midst of hesitations and uncertainties.

During my college years, I was aware of the challenges and expenses that came with being a nursing student.

I applied for and luckily received another scholarship grant. It was really a big help.

Aside from that, I received tuition fees reimbursement every month from CFCA.

I also became a CFCA service scholar during my last two years in college.

Then, graduation day came.

My parents were very proud to know that all of their hard work and sacrifices had paid off.

Not long after the graduation, we had our review in preparation for the board examination for nurses.

The review sessions were very serious, pressured and stressful.

We experienced many sleepless nights.

Finally, the result came and it was a success.

It was a heartwarming blessing as I saw the joy from my parents’ eyes knowing that I passed.

With the person that I have become now, I will never forget the people who became the instruments of God that helped me along the way.

Everyone can dream of what they want to be, even if it seems to be impossible to achieve.

If you really want something, just keep working at it.

Always do your best and God will do the rest.

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One thought on “CFCA scholar embarks on a new chapter”

  1. My heartfelt congratulations to Diana. I know how very proud I was of my daughter when she passed her nursing boards. (She now cares for premature babies in a neo-natal intensive care unit). However, she faced none of the obstacles that Diana did. Diana and her parents have every reason to be proud of her accomplishments, and I wish her every success in her career.

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