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Aug 30 2013

7 ways to stay connected

CFCA in Guatemala

CFCA sponsored child Carlos, middle, and his siblings in the hills near their home.

Want to stay up to date with the latest information from CFCA? Are you a social media enthusiast or perhaps a newbie to the online world?

Whatever your classification, we have some great ways to stay updated on CFCA news and stories.

1. “Faces of the Movement” eNews: This monthly newsletter features stories, videos and news from around the world. Sign up to receive the monthly email!

2. “Rise and Dream” eNews: People interested in the CFCA documentary film may receive updates once a month about upcoming film screenings.

3. “Volunteer Connection” eNews: Interested in telling people about CFCA sponsorship, but don’t know how to start? We’ll give you ideas and inspiring stories on how to get more involved.

4. Twitter: Follow us (@CFCA) on Twitter! We’ll share stories, inspiring quotes and much more in 140 characters or less.

5. Facebook: Have you “liked” us yet? Join our community of compassion on our Facebook page and see some great photos and beautiful stories. Leave us a comment about your own experience with CFCA!

6. Instagram: We’ve got photos for days! No, really, we post daily beautiful, inspirational pictures of sponsored friends and their families on our Instagram page @CFCAUSA.

7. Pinterest: Attention pinners! Follow our Pinterest boards and find new ways to stay inspired. Get recipes, letter-writing ideas, and see pretty pics from all over the world.

Interested in any or all these options? Check out this page to stay connected, and don’t forget to subscribe to the CFCA blog!

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