5 things learned from sponshorship
Aug 21 2013

5 things my sponsored friend taught me

Five sponsored boys in El Salvador.

Five sponsored boys in El Salvador.

Some time ago, we posted this question on our CFCA Facebook page:

“Fill in the blank: My sponsored friend has taught me to __________________.”

We asked and you answered!

We received some inspiring answers, and several are listed below for your enjoyment!

1. “Keep helping. I have high hopes for mine that they will succeed and pay it forward.”

— Nancy Howe Lassiter
CFCA academic club in Kenya

Many sponsored children and youth in the CFCA program realize their dreams to give back while growing up in the sponsorship program. Older students often help the younger children write letters to their sponsors or help with homework. CFCA scholars also give back by working in their local CFCA office.

In the photo above, CFCA scholars in Kenya created an academic study club for younger sponsored children. Click here to read more.

2. “That it doesn’t take a lot of ‘things’ to be happy.”

— Jean Daeges
CFCA sponsored children in Guatemala.
Awareness trip participants often express their surprise at how happy sponsored friends and their families are, despite their circumstances. They know that true happiness can’t be bought.

3. “Appreciate the blessings around me to a higher degree!”

— Kevin J. Fitzgerald

The Kibera slum in Kenya

From left: Elizabeth, her mother, Rozalia, and Elizabeth’s sister Monica.

Sponsored friends are grateful for even the smallest of things. They take little for granted, and they take every chance they get to thank God, their parents, their sponsors and anyone who might have helped them along the way.

Elizabeth and her family, pictured above, live in the Kibera slum —the largest slum in Kenya and one of the largest in Africa.

Their harsh surroundings, however, don’t diminish their positive attitude and strong resolve to create a better future for themselves.

Read more about life in the Kibera slum in Kenya.

4. “Smile.”

— Kevin Wilson
CFCA in Colombia

They say smiles are contagious. If that’s true, the smiles of sponsored friends could cause an epidemic.

We think 7-year-old Jhonny from Colombia is the perfect example. See … you’re smiling, aren’t you?

5. “Love one another.”

— Paul Styrvoky
CFCA trips

Language barriers don’t stop sponsored friends from expressing their love to sponsors. Whether it’s with their words and drawings in letters or with their smiles and hugs on an awareness trip, it’s evident they have no problem sharing their love.

So, what have you learned from your sponsored friend?

Leave us a comment and let us know!

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