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Jul 12 2013

Trip to Honduras ‘touches the heart’ of a CFCA sponsor

In an effort to meet and finally connect with her sponsored friends, Rosa and Franklin in Honduras, CFCA sponsor Theresa Farmer was inspired to go on a CFCA awareness trip.

An account of Theresa’s travel experience in Honduras follows!

By Dallas Parker, Cristo Rey student and CFCA communications intern

CFCA sponsor Theresa Farmer traveled with a group of awareness trip participants to Honduras, and was getting ready to meet two very special people in her life: her sponsored children Rosa and Franklin.

“We were on the bus and I felt like I was 10 years old and it was Christmas Eve,” Theresa said. “I had butterflies in my stomach. …”

Theresa recognized the importance of interacting with her sponsored children, not only through writing letters but also visiting them in their country.

Both of her sponsored children expressed an interest in meeting Theresa through their letters.

“Rosa wrote a letter and said that a bunch of sponsors were visiting and that she had danced for them,” Theresa said. “She wrote that she would dance for me when I came. So, I said, ‘I have to go!'”

On the awareness trip, Theresa discovered Rosa had an older brother, Alex, who lived with her at Casa Hogar, a group home for children in the Hope for a Family sponsorship program in Honduras.
Theresa recognized the impact that one letter could have on a child.

“On our visit, Rosa pulled out this notebook, [which included] every letter we have ever sent to her,” Theresa said. “I think a lifelong impact can be made in the little time it takes to write a letter.”

When Theresa went to visit Franklin, her other sponsored child, he had a photo of Theresa and her husband, Brad, wrapped tightly in a plastic bag.

He had been treasuring the picture since Theresa and her husband mailed it to Franklin four years earlier.

“I encourage sponsors to reach out and get to know the kids, because you get so much out of it,” Theresa said. “These kids just touch your heart.”

Theresa had established two very different relationships with her sponsored children, because she believed that the sponsor should actually take time to get acquainted with each child individually.

For those considering going on a CFCA awareness trip, Theresa offers this advice:

“Don’t be intimidated by thinking you’re going someplace where you don’t speak the language,” she said.

“The staff is so good and accommodating, but most of all, I think (the staff) does so much to build the relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored friend. … I just wish we could get the whole world involved.”

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