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Jul 9 2013

CFCA sponsor: Sponsorship ‘brings encouragement, hope for the future’

CFCA awareness trips

From left: CFCA sponsored aging friend Isabel meets her sponsor, Christine Sementelli.

Sponsors can travel around the world, experience many cultures and make new friends … all through the pages of a letter! See how CFCA sponsor Christine Sementelli finds joy in writing letters, and how this joy brings hope for the future.

By Christine Sementelli, CFCA sponsor

Sponsorship is life changing.

Sponsorship brings hope.

CFCA’s commitment to sponsored individuals in 21 countries goes beyond a monthly donation, and you are a special part of this commitment.

CFCA is not only about giving financial support; it is about letting individuals know that they are truly special.

It blossoms from the opportunity that has been given to each sponsor to develop a one-on-one relationship with their sponsored person through letter writing.

Receiving frequent letters from our sponsored friends from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Kenya is a joyful event in our house.

When letters arrive with a pink window and the words, “A letter from your friend,” everyone in the house knows we have been blessed.

We are filled with joy.

I can’t begin to imagine how our special friends — Yohana, Silvia, Petronila, Ingrid, Lucy, Francisco and Isabel — feel when they receive the letters sent to them from Andover, Kan.

It is most likely joy.

This joy grows into a sense of hope for the future. Knowing that someone is willing to help them brings encouragement.

Knowing that someone cares about their education and future brings motivation.

CFCA awareness trip

Christine’s middle-school students wrote and decorated several letters in Spanish for her sponsored youth, Francisco (above), and others in his family.

Knowing that someone offers prayers, financial support and details from their own life through cards and letters is life changing.

For all of you who take the time to write your sponsored friends, “Thank you!”

On my latest awareness trip to Nicaragua, I discovered something that tugged at my heart.

Many sponsored friends have never received a letter or card from their sponsors.

We met an 18-year-old young lady who had been sponsored for nine years and had never heard from her sponsor.

We discovered that all of the individuals felt blessed to be sponsored, but many had a sense of sadness because they had never received any type of correspondence from their sponsor.

By writing a short note of encouragement with a few details about your family, it will help to develop a life-changing relationship.

By buying or making a card and letting your sponsored friend know that you care, it will change an empty feeling to one filled with joy and hope for the future.

By going to the CFCA website, you will discover it is simple to send your friend an eLetter right from your personal computer.

The special bond you will develop will not only change the life of your sponsored friend, but it will change your life as well.

I think of a newly sponsored young boy who waited daily with hope for a letter from his sponsor.

I can see his bright smile.

I can see him with his amazing mom and dad.

I see him in his home made from boards and pieces of tin with a variety of advertisement posters to cover up the holes in the walls.

CFCA awareness trips

Christine visited the home of a boy sponsored through CFCA. This is the inside of the home and the child’s bed, which was handmade by his father.

I see him playing in the dry, dusty area around his humble home.

I see him collecting eggs from the chickens in a cage on the side of his house.

I have a wish for him.

I wish to see him running, running rapidly down a dirt road waving a piece of paper in his hand with an enormous smile on his face.

And I wish to see him sitting on the edge of his bed, handmade by his father, reading his letter from his sponsor.

Do you feel the joy? Do you feel the encouragement? Do you feel the hope for the future?

Join us and sponsor a child today!

5 thoughts on “CFCA sponsor: Sponsorship ‘brings encouragement, hope for the future’”

  1. This post is so important! Our family sponsors 4 friends (3 youth & 1 aging) and we try to write 3 to 4 times a year. I always tell my 15 y.o. daughter to picture all the other little children getting letters from their friends and what if Brenda ( 7 y.o. from Mexico) has to walk away empty handed! That would be so crushing!

  2. Christine! It has been a while since our mission trip in Guatemala when I met your little daughter. I am leaving for Costa Rica Saturday. Happy to see you on the blog.

    1. Hello Patrick! Thank you so much for the comment. Have a wonderful trip in Costa Rica. Think of my little Ingrid while you are there. I met her when I went on the Walk2Gether a few years ago. It is a beautiful country. Enjoy!

  3. I surely agree with you about sponsored children receiving and writing letters to their sponsors.
    I have experienced it being a sponsored child for 10yrs.apart from the financial support I got from my sponsors, I could feel the love and care they had for me, they ceased being my sponsors and became family.
    words can not express how much grateful I am to Jim &Charlene Conrad.God bless them and bless cfca.

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