Indian mother
Jul 15 2013

CFCA loan helps mother in India start her own business

We recently heard from our Hyderabad project in India about several mothers of sponsored children who are exemplifying the potential of families living in poverty. Here’s the story of Tirupatamma — enjoy!

I have four children, three sons and one daughter. My youngest son, Venkatesh, is sponsored through CFCA.

My husband is a door-to-door salesman, selling clothes from a rickshaw (a small two-wheeled carriage pulled by a person). I sell steel vessels and other kitchen supplies, door to door, in a basket I carry on my head.

I have been selling kitchen supplies for many years. I sell containers and supplies on an installment basis.

All my customers have a lower income, and they can’t purchase vessels and other kitchen supplies by paying all at once. I sell them the products on an installment basis with a nominal margin.

I only sell my products to known and trusted customers, and I collect their payments four times a month.

The first time I got a loan through my CFCA mothers group I purchased more containers and sold them to my customers. As I purchased more items, my income has also increased.

The interest rate on the mothers group is very low, so I took out loans regularly and increased my business. The income I earn helps my family’s income.

After I repay my current loan, I am planning to take out another loan to purchase more items.

At first my husband did not support me in attending the mothers group meetings.

But, after observing all these benefits, he is happier than all of us in the family.

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