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Jul 1 2013

Blogger shares research on CFCA’s highly rated sponsorship program

sponsor a child through CFCA

Julie’s son, Grant, holds a letter from his sponsored friend, Orlando, in the Philippines.

We’re delighted to share a guest post from Julie Mayfield about her financial research on CFCA!

Julie writes for her personal blog, The Family CEO, in which she talks about her experience managing her family’s finances.

Earlier this year, our family marked three years of being CFCA sponsors. The experience has been special for us.

Twice as special you might say.

After learning of the CFCA program through our church, Holy Trinity in Lenexa, Kan., our family stood looking over the pictures and bios of those needing sponsors.

My son was drawn to a boy named Orlando.

But my daughter, who has always felt more of a connection to older people, liked the idea that you could sponsor an aging person through CFCA.

That’s how we found ourselves sponsoring not only Orlando, but also a woman named Jovita, both from the Philippines.

Shortly after joining the program, our kids began corresponding with their sponsored friends.

Orlando starts his letters to our son, Grant, with “Dear Uncle Grant,” which we love. He also sends Grant his report cards.

But my son asked how I knew that Orlando and Jovita actually were receiving the money we were sending, which I realized was a good question to be asking.

Since we had become a part of CFCA through our church, we had a certain amount of confidence in the program, but I decided to see what I could learn on my own.

My search led me to Charity Navigator, a website that evaluates charitable causes based on their financial health, transparency and accountability.

Charity Navigator has given CFCA a 3-star (good) or 4-star (exceptional) rating in each of the last 11 years.

That information reassured me, and it did something else, too.

While still on the Charity Navigator website, I clicked through to the CFCA website.

It was then that I ran across some things that I was unaware of before.

I learned that you are able to donate extra funds through CFCA for birthday and Christmas celebrations for sponsored friends.

I also learned you could make extra donations for things like housing, scholarship and disaster assistance.

Probably, the most important thing I discovered is that you can write to your sponsored friends and send a photo online.

I made immediate use of this by writing to my childrens’ friends, Jovita and Orlando.

Just because we had encouraged our children to write to their sponsored friends, there was no reason I couldn’t do it, too.

And the online option made it so much easier. I could even attach photos.

We signed up for the CFCA program on an impulse, probably like many people do.

And many months, it’s just an entry on our bank statement.

But at different points along the way, like when I researched the program through Charity Navigator, wrote a post for my blog, or now in writing a post for the CFCA blog, I find myself recommitting to this wonderful program.

In addition to her personal blog, Julie was a customer columnist at PerkStreet Financial blog. Julie and her daughter also wrote for the “U.S. News & World Report,” in which they blogged about college and finances.

Thanks, Julie!

One thought on “Blogger shares research on CFCA’s highly rated sponsorship program”

  1. Julie,
    The ultimate way to know the impact of your sponsorship is the CFCA awareness trips. You will also understand the reality of their living conditions. I participated in the Philippine 2012 awareness trip, and I am on my way to India in October. It is a blessing to visit your sponsored friends to understand the impact your contribution has to enable children to attend school and support other needs. You are exactly right about additional opportunities to help our friends. My wife and I provided additional funds to pay for a guitar for the brother and sister we sponsor, to support their interest in music. We also bought thier mother a sewing machine, enabling her to make money for the family. We understood their needs and the value of these items during the trip.

    I’m so pleased you made the effort to research and spread the word about CFCA. Put the CFCA awareness trip on your bucket list. I was so encouraged to see young people during the Philippine 2012 awareness trip. There was a 3rd, 8th and 11th grader with family members and several young adults in their 20s who sponsored both children and aging friends.

    You are teaching your children valuable lesson about compassion by sponsoring through CFCA.

    Blessing to your family.

    Steve Taylor

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