Unbound fathers
Jun 10 2013

Top 10 stories about fathers in the Hope for a Family program

An ERPAT fathers group in the Philippines

And now, for your enjoyment, our top 10 stories about fathers! In no particular order.

1. Dominican father sets example for a united family

Jose Luis struggled to provide for his family’s needs without leaving them to find work. He was able to stay and find employment in the Dominican Republic after discovering CFCA’s Hope for a Family program. Read more

Dominican Republic

2. Dads of sponsored children repave Honduran roads

When heavy rains washed out the main road to a village near Santa Rosa, Honduras, fathers of CFCA sponsored children decided to build a new path for the community’s common good. Read more

3. Kenyan farmer pumps up income with CFCA’s help

Joel, 60, is sponsored through CFCA’s Hope for a Family program in Timau, Kenya. The water pump that the CFCA project helped him buy is bearing fruit. Read more

Joel, a sponsored aging friend in Kenya.

4. Ruben and Yuli — CFCA family in Colombia

Ruben, a father in Colombia, has two children sponsored through CFCA. This video is a beautiful example of the daily sacrifices he makes to support his family, which has renewed hope through sponsorship. Watch the video

Ruben and his family

5. Happiness in hen manure: Organic fertilizers in CFCA communities

Ciriaco, the father of a sponsored child, and his family in Guatemala utilize every possible resource for gardening on hand. Or should we say, on hen. Read more

father of a CFCA sponsored child

6. Sponsored elder cares for abandoned animals

Gregorio is a sponsored aging friend from Cuernavaca, Mexico. Gregorio’s kind-hearted nature inspires him to find sick or abandoned animals to take home and nurse back to health. Read more

Gregorio, CFCA sponsored aging friend in Mexico

7. Filipino fathers reaffirm their paternal role

Since their formation in 2004, the Antipolo ERPAT fathers (Empowerment and Reaffirmation of Paternal Abilities) have distinguished themselves as leaders in the community.

The ERPAT concept originated with CFCA fathers who wanted to strengthen their social responsibilities and participate more in the sponsorship program. Read more

ERPAT fathers in the Philippines

An ERPAT fathers group from the Kalayaan community in the Philippines.

8. Fathers of sponsored children honored for work with blood donations (Philippines)

CFCA-Antipolo was among the national recipients of the Dugong Bayani Awards. The award honors heroism in saving lives through blood donations. Many sponsored youth and their families, as well as project staffers, are blood donors. The ERPAT fathers groups often spearhead the blood donation activities. Read more

ERPAT father

An ERPAT father preparing to donate his blood at the annual ERPAT blood bank drive.

9. Drying potatoes (chuño) in Bolivia

Dario is the widowed father of Cristian and Giovana, who are both sponsored in the CFCA Hope for a Family program. One way Dario provides for his family is to help his neighbor grow potatoes. Read more


10. CFCA Communications Centers: Santa Ana, El Salvador

“After wearing many hats in the organization, I now serve as the director of the CFCA Communications Center in El Salvador and finally became the journalist I wanted to be.

“I’m also the father and husband I dreamed to be, thanking God for Roxana, my wife, and Sofia and Henry Jr., my children.”

— Henry Flores, director of the CFCA Communications Center in El Salvador. Read more

Henry Flores
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