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Jun 6 2013

Sharing hope through Sponsorship Sundays

CFCA Sponsorship Sundays are open to everyone, no matter what your faith background might be.

Whether it’s your first time volunteering or you’re a seasoned volunteer, Sponsorship Sundays give you the opportunity to talk about sponsorship in your own place of worship.

“It may seem daunting or scary to pitch the idea [of sponsorship] … but it’s well worth it,” said Jennifer Callon, a CFCA sponsor.

Jennifer and her friend, Kathryn Nygaard, were both new to CFCA sponsorship when they decided to host a Sponsorship Sunday event at their church in Houston, Texas.

This was the first time the duo volunteered with CFCA, but they were determined to show others the benefits of sponsorship.

Coming from a large congregation, at St. Michael Catholic Church, the team advertised their event for several weeks beforehand.

They created a flyer to include in their church bulletin, had their priest make an announcement the week before and sent emails to friends and family.

The planning paid off for the two friends, and they were able to find 84 sponsors.

“It’s important to remember [that sponsorship] is going to be a blessing to these families,” Kathryn said. “Even if you only get a few individuals sponsored, it’s worth it.”

At the Unity Christ Church of Bonair in Richmond, Va., Frank Einsmann, a veteran CFCA volunteer, got ready for the “Love in Action” fair at his church.

Frank prepared a table with folders and other information about sponsorship to share with visitors to his booth.

“I set up a little booth, and I try to find sponsors,” Frank said. “The first year we started I talked to friends and relatives and other types of people, and we probably got 15 kids sponsored.

“Every year since, we get 8 to 12 kids sponsored by little drives and things like that.”

Frank’s interdenominational Christian church believes in CFCA’s mission so strongly that each Sunday school class sponsors a child from a different country.

On scheduled days, the children in the Sunday school class read letters from their sponsored friend and compose letters as well.

“Several of the kids are now sponsoring their own friend somewhere else in the world,” Frank said. So it sort of propagates the sponsorship.

“It introduces kids and families to what CFCA is all about. It’s just good for your soul to have a personal relationship with somebody all the way around the world.”

Are you interested in becoming a CFCA volunteer? Call the volunteer outreach team at (800) 875-6564 or email at outreach@cfcausa.org.

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