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Jun 18 2013

Scholars in Colombia get green thumbs

CFCA scholars in Colombia

Eat your veggies! CFCA scholars in Cali, Colombia, decided to grow a vegetable garden to make an impact in their community.

As scholars, we like to feel productive and we like to help all we can. We always help at the CFCA office. We help with the records and with some of the accounting, but we wanted to do something to help and impact our community.

Our story started when we were planning our future as a CFCA group of scholars. We took a look at the mothers groups because they all have livelihood projects.

CFCA scholars in Colombia

We had a meeting with all the CFCA scholars in Cali, Colombia, and we thought, “Why not create a vegetable garden?”

We wanted to create our livelihood project to be an example for future scholars in CFCA.

A nearby school allowed us to use their land and grow a vegetable garden.

CFCA scholars in Colombia

CFCA helps us with our project’s finances and how to be more productive. They also help us manage the money we get selling the vegetables we grow.

We learn about strategies to grow the vegetables and we named our project “Growing a Future and Harvesting Hope.”

We have saved the income we have earned to make the vegetable garden bigger.

CFCA scholars in Colombia

We are able to sell our vegetables to our neighbors, friends and people in our area, and it is a successful business.

Laura, a CFCA staffer in Cali, taught us how to grow the vegetables and we feel very proud of ourselves because we worked as a team and we learned how to grow vegetables very well.

We feel glad when we harvest our vegetables because it shows our efforts. We are thankful for the vegetables garden because now we have a stronger friendship with our partners and we all show all our talents.

CFCA scholars in Colombia

Our goal is to teach younger children how to grow vegetables.

We want to teach them our experience and how they can have a livelihood project and be an example for future scholars of CFCA.

One thought on “Scholars in Colombia get green thumbs”

  1. “Growing a Future and Harvesting Hope.” This is a very strong statement! Thanks to the Cali Scholars, this is something for us here in CFCA-Kampala Project to learn from especially as we develop our Youth program.

    Thanks to the staff for giving the scholars the direction towards self sustainability.
    My respect for you all

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