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Jun 28 2013

Golden girls in Colombia find friendship in handbags

CFCA sponsored aging friends in Colombia.

Luz and Filonila, two sponsored aging friends in Cali, Colombia.

For Filonila and Luz, two sponsored aging friends in Colombia, sponsorship brought them more than benefits, it brought them companionship and purpose.

Filonila and Luz are two sponsored aging friends in Cali, Colombia.

The two women met at a CFCA workshop and quickly became best friends!

The pair enjoyed crafting and creating and decided to put their talents to use for themselves and their environment.

Filonila has been sponsored for three years, and she shares her story of friendship and entrepreneurship, which she found through CFCA sponsorship.

When I was a little girl I learned to sew. I would sew everything that I could see onto a piece of cloth.

We have workshops at CFCA where we learn handicrafts and other things, which helps promote good self-esteem.

There I met my best friend, Luz.

My life changed since we met each other.

Before I felt alone, but now that I’ve met her we spend our afternoons together and I teach her to sew.

sewing in Colombia

Luz observes Filonila’s sewing skills.

I like teaching Luz because she is a good student and she learns fast.

I got an idea to use recyclable materials to make handbags.

I began to cut plastic shopping bags to weave and create handbags.

Recycled handbags

A Filonila and Luz original design!

We are making many products with plastic bags, including hats, handbags and more.

We also sew items with wool and agave (material from the agave plant).

Relatives, friends and friends of friends purchase our products and we are doing very well.

[Making these handicrafts] makes us feel productive and useful in our old age.

Each handbag sells for $12, and our customers know that they are helping to protect our planet.

We have CFCA workshops every 15 days and students from a local university come to work with us and teach us other handicrafts, too.

We have attendance to our psychological needs at the CFCA office, and it helps a lot because they bring us strength to be productive and enjoy life.

A CFCA workshop in Colombia.

Local university students teach new handicrafts to Filonila and Luz at a CFCA workshop.

Our goal is to teach the other aging friends in Cali how to make these crafts.

We want to bring our talents to other aging friends, so they can feel as productive as we feel.

I thank CFCA for giving me the chance to enjoy my talents and to teach others because it helps me feel alive.

I am glad to help, in a small way, protect the planet by recycling plastic and making beautiful handicrafts.

Luz also shared a quote about what CFCA sponsorship and Filonila’s friendship mean to her: “I feel so thankful with my sponsor and CFCA for all the support, and I thank Filonila because she teaches me with patience and she is a good company for me. Now, we are best friends.”

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6 thoughts on “Golden girls in Colombia find friendship in handbags”

  1. Such a touching story. I would love to buy some of their handbags when I am in Colombia from Sept. 11 to Dec 12 2013



  2. Luz and Filonila’s handbags are as adorable as they are! If they ever decide to export, I’d like to place an order.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Margaret! Unfortunately, we do not have the infrastructure in place at our Kansas City headquarters to sell items made by our sponsored friends and their families. Many considerations are associated with selling goods from other countries, such as shipping and customs, and we do not have the resources at this time to make this available.

      Have a blessed day!

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