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Jun 8 2013

Delivering Adanil’s dream

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up? Adanil from the Philippines dreams of becoming a policeman, and the LeCompte family found a way to help him make his dreams to come true.

Jenni and Todd LeCompte became sponsors in 2007 and currently sponsor two friends, but they wanted to do more.

Volunteering and sharing a child’s dream with people they knew helped deepen their connection with CFCA’s mission.

“It makes me feel more part of the family,” Jenni said. “I know in the future, I will try to help more children or adults get sponsored.”

Through our Share a Dream campaign, it’s easy to give hope to a child living in poverty.

For Jenni, the decision to volunteer arose simply from a desire for others to have a loving relationship with a sponsored friend like she does with hers.

By sharing the dream of 11-year-old Adanil in the Philippines, Jenni and Todd connected people across the world through sponsorship.

Sponsorship gives sponsored friends hope that their dreams are possible, that they can defy the odds set against them and overcome poverty.

Adanil dreams of being a policeman, and sponsorship will give him resources and encouragement to help him achieve his dream.

It’s all possible because Jenni and Todd helped find a sponsor for him.

“Listen to your heart and just go for it, and you will make a difference in somebody’s life,” Jenni said.

Click here to learn more about how you can share the dream of one child.

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