Delhi youth forum
Jun 19 2013

Delhi youth forum opens doors for students and scholars

Delhi youth forum

Students and scholars at a CFCA youth forum in Delhi, India.

How many students does it take to create a youth forum in India designed to help young people continue their higher education?

More than 350 sponsored students and scholars in Delhi, India, recently participated in a CFCA youth forum designed to help them learn money-saving practices, leadership skills and public speaking techniques.

Students deposit 50 rupees (about $1) of their own money into a savings account every time they meet. This money, along with funds from CFCA’s scholar program, is put in an account and members are able to take out loans from this account to pay for their higher education expenses.

Some forum participants may apply for and receive scholarship grants and others have the opportunity to take out school loans through CFCA.

The youth forum gives sponsored students encouragement and support as they think and plan for their future.

Senior students provide personalized counseling and guide the younger members in their academic and career goals.

Nagma, a young lady sponsored through CFCA, participated in the youth forum and shared her experiences with us!


Nagma: CFCA students have extra learning opportunity

My name is Nagma, and in 2010, I completed the 12th class.

After that I took the entrance exam to pursue my bachelor’s of technology in computer science, but I did not receive a scholarship from the school.

At the time, I was very frustrated because of the situation.

I have a younger brother and younger sister. My father sells milk, and with the income he earns he must take care of the family’s needs.

My family could not afford to pay the admission fees, and I was confused whether to continue or wait and try to score good marks in the next year’s entrance exam.

It was difficult to take the next step.

A short time later, I learned that CFCA in Delhi was initiating a youth forum to discuss problems and offer solutions.

I joined the forum and discussed my situation. It helped me make the decision to start my bachelor’s of technology program by taking out a loan from the CFCA youth forum.

The loans can be paid back in small installments, which make it really helpful to pay higher education fees.

My experience in CFCA activities has helped me present myself in college-level seminars and activities, especially topics about public speaking, which is required for my area of study.

I am confident that I can face job interviews without any hesitation or fear after participating in these discussions.

Sponsorship support helped me to pursue my technology studies and achieve my dream to become a software engineer.

I scored top marks in my first year of technology studies. I am now in my third year of school, with only one more year of studies before I complete my degree.

After earning my bachelor’s degree, I will pursue a job as a software engineer and support my family.

When my family’s financial situation improves, I would also like to do social work in a similar way that CFCA has supported me.

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