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Jun 7 2013

CFCA scholar in Colombia tutors to give back

CFCA scholar in Colombia

From left: CFCA scholar, Yilber, helps sponsored children Daniela and Naye with their homework.

Yilber, a CFCA scholar in Colombia, helps tutor sponsored children as part of his service for the scholarship program. Harry Garcia, our communications liaison in Colombia, interviewed Yilber, who explained why education is so important to him and to others in his community.

CFCA scholars perform service hours as part of the scholarship program.

Yilber is a CFCA scholar who performs many of his service hours as a tutor to younger children in the Hope for a Family sponsorship program.

Harry Garcia, our communications liaison in Colombia, said that education is important for people in poverty, especially for those living in rural areas because they do not have the same opportunities available to the wealthy and those living near the city.

Here is Yilber’s interview with Harry in Colombia. Thanks, Yilber and Harry!

My name is Yilber and I am so grateful for being a scholar thanks to CFCA.

I am glad I can help younger children at the CFCA office do their homework and to bring them support to improve in the subjects that are difficult for them.

I have been teaching younger children for two years.

I like to teach children because it gives me a great satisfaction to see the joy of the children when they can understand topics they could not understand before.

I like to teach them with love and care, and I do my best to be a good example because it is like a profession to me.

I learn a lot from them, too.

CFCA Scholar in Colombia

Yilber, Daniela and Naye all learning together.

For me, and for everyone, I think education is very important.

Education is the key to have a good formation as a person.

Thanks to the education we receive, we learn how to speak and it brings us the chance to be an important person in life. If you have a good education you can be a successful person.

CFCA scholar in Colombia

It is very important that children get their education while they are young, so they can get enough knowledge to face the world when they get older.

CFCA scholar in Colombia

“Let us join hands to build a more humane world.”

Their education will be their key to finding a good job and having a good profession.

The children I tutor learn with joy and thankfulness. They are grateful for us because most of the times they do not have the chance to get school help at home.

Many of them feel glad for having scholars always ready to support them.

My favorite part of teaching is the impact I can make in the lives of the children.

When they improve in their difficult subjects at school, they learn they can do it by themselves and then they start to help other children.

2 thoughts on “CFCA scholar in Colombia tutors to give back”

  1. congratulations, because every day I see the beautiful work they do. Laura Maria Sotelo daily demonstrates that with love and dedication anything can be possible.

    Orgullosa de ser hormiguereña.

    (Editor’s note: Proud to be from the neighborhood of Hormiguero, Cali, Colombia.)

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