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May 21 2013

Can I visit my sponsored child or aging friend?

Visiting CFCA sponsored child, aging friend

Sponsors frequently ask us, “Can I visit my sponsored child or aging friend even if I can’t make it on a CFCA awareness trip?” The answer is a resounding yes! Learn about our individual sponsor visits and how they can help you find the best time to meet your friend.

Q. I’m traveling to India this summer and would like to meet my sponsored child. Is this possible? I looked up CFCA awareness trips on your website, but couldn’t find one scheduled for India when I would be traveling there.

A. We’re so glad you asked! Meeting your sponsored friend is a wonderful experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

If our CFCA awareness trips don’t work with your schedule, we can facilitate an individual sponsor visit for you.

All visits between you and your sponsored friend must be coordinated through the Kansas City office. We ask you to notify us as soon as you decide to visit, with a minimum 30-day prior notice.

This allows enough time for us to contact the project office to make sure they can accommodate your visit, and for you to complete and sign required forms. Out of respect for schedules and prior commitments, we arrange all visits at the project staff’s discretion.

We don’t charge a fee to coordinate individual sponsor visits. However, we invite you to help defray any visit-related costs that are incurred at the project site, such as a meal or transportation.

Here are more answers to frequently asked questions about individual sponsor visits.

Feel free to contact us at (800) 875-6564 or mail@cfcausa.org for more information. Thanks so much!

2 thoughts on “Can I visit my sponsored child or aging friend?”

  1. Very good topic. I have particiated in the individual visits and I must say CFCA did an amazing job organizing those visits. For a sponsor that does not have enough vacation days or maybe their schedule does not permit them to participate on a regular mission awareness trip with other sponsors, then this is a great way to meet the one you are sponsoring. God Bless and Happy Sponsoring!

    1. Ted. I just saw your posting.
      I hope you are doing well.
      We took the mission awareness trip together to Honduras in 2008.
      I am considering going back in a couple years.
      Take care

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