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May 10 2013

Top 10 stories about mothers in the Hope for a Family program

Mothers of sponsored children in Nicaragua

And now, for your enjoyment, our top 10 stories about mothers! In no particular order.

1. ‘Moving on up’: Colombian mother buys first home

Celina, mother of a sponsored child in Colombia. Through CFCA, Celina was able to purchase the required materials she needed to start her own homemade empanada business and make the dream of owning her first home a reality. Read more

mother of a CFCA sponsored child.

2. Mother in Madagascar puts a spin on her career

Marcelline is a 36-year-old mother of four children in Madagascar. She found a creative way to help her family and break gender barriers, by repairing bicycles! One of her children, 12-year-old Elie Jean, is sponsored through CFCA. Read more

Mother of a sponsored child in Madagascar

3. A ‘bee-utiful’ career

Busy as a bee! The phrase fits Wanjiru, mother of three children in the Hope for a Family sponsorship program, since she started harvesting honey to provide for her family. CFCA helped Wanjiru with the protective gear she needed, and she now feels much more confident when working with the bees. Watch the video

Mother of a sponsored child in Kenya

4. Two of a kind: Sisters in India open food stand

Prakash and her sister Jesintha are part of a mothers group in Hyderabad, India. In 2010, Prakash and Jesintha started a food stand called Curry Point. The income they receive helps them support their families. Read more

5. A hard day’s work for those living in poverty

Luisa is the mother of Javier, a child sponsored through CFCA in Chile. She’s a seasonal vineyard worker and has work only half the year, in times of pruning and harvesting.Payment for her painstaking work depends on how many boxes she can pick during harvest time or the hours she works when pruning. If she picks about 100 boxes (each box weighing about 25 pounds), she can make approximately 17,000 pesos ($30 US) a day. Read more

Mother of a sponsored child in Chile

6. Mothers in Mexico create positive change

Violence is a challenge that many families in Mexico face. In several communities the drug and gang violence has increased dramatically, which has driven some sponsored friends and their families from their homes. Many of the families are led by single mothers, and CFCA small community groups provide mothers with livelihood training workshops, encouragement and support. We asked two of these mothers, Gloria and Maty, how the Hope for a Family program has helped them with the challenges they face. Read more

7. Back to school: Mothers of sponsored children take classes

Mothers of sponsored children in Guatemala are going back to school with the help of CFCA scholarships. It began in 2007, when CFCA staffers started a literacy program in the town of Nahuala for mothers who wanted to learn how to read and write. Read more

8. Massage therapy benefits CFCA sponsored friends

The saying “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” comes to mind as many mothers of CFCA sponsored children and youth in the Philippines have found a new way to earn income. In a CFCA community in the Legazpi project, mothers train to learn massage therapy, and in turn provide their services to sponsored elderly friends. Read more

9. Single mom in El Salvador finds hope through CFCA

Most countries harvest coffee from December to March, and it is a major source of income for many families living in poverty. Here is an interview with Isabel, a single mother of four daughters in Ataco, El Salvador. She did not continue school beyond first grade, and coffee picking is her only livelihood to support her family. Isabel belongs to a CFCA mothers group, which has boosted her self-confidence. Read more

Mother of a sponsored child in El Salvador

10. Nicaraguan mothers group works to help others

When the Nicaraguan mothers group Mothers Overcoming Obstacles for a Better Future first organized, they decided their first act would involve giving back to someone in their community. Read more

Mothers of sponsored children in Nicaragua

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