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May 29 2013

One sponsor’s journey through photos

Jim Parro, CFCA sponsor, recently returned from a trip to visit his sponsored friends in Honduras. Jim documented his trip through photographs, which we would like to share with you now.

Thanks, Jim!

It was a wonderful and very busy trip to visit with my sponsored children and their families, as well as many others in the Ocotepeque project in Honduras.

All of the sponsored children and family members met together as a group to allow many sponsors to meet their child for the first time. Later in the week we visited them again at their homes.

Getting to the home is quite a journey. There are 22 families living on this mountain.

Noe, the Ocotepeque project coordinator, has considerable experience driving the mountain roads because he was born and raised on the adjacent mountain.

It was a memorable visit.

Jim Parro

2 thoughts on “One sponsor’s journey through photos”

  1. Diane,
    Thanks for the comment. In a letter recently received from my sponsored child’s parrents, the evening lights have started a movement in the mountain-top community. They have requested through CFCA, that electric service be supplied to the community. I hope that it happens quickly so the children can read and study during the eveing hours.
    Jim Parro

  2. Jim…great photos…it tells the story beautifully…i often think of your sponsored family and the solar lights and battery packs you brought them. the entire neighborhood in this remote village in the mountains must know about the great engineer, Jim who gave them “light”

    God Bless and thanks for sharing,

    Diane Palmer

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