Nyando River flooding
May 9 2013

Kenyan families recovering after Nyando River flooding

Floodwaters are finally receding on the Nyando River in Western Kenya, and CFCA sponsored friends and their families are now safe to re-enter their homes to assess the damage. Thankfully, all emerged physically safe.

The tan mud squished beneath their feet as they navigated the soggy soil. Their modest huts were made of the mud they now walk on. When the rain and water flooded in, the walls washed away, leaving the roofs precariously perched on the supporting sticks and chunks of the remaining mud walls.

Thirty CFCA sponsored friends and their families were left homeless by the flooding and another 180 families also were affected. As soon as the roads were passable, Lucy Amollo, CFCA project coordinator for Kisumu, went with some of the families to see how to best help.

She saw the still raging Nyando River and saturated fields puddled with water. Malaria is the dangerous side effect of the standing water. The water attracts the mosquitos and they bite those who can’t escape. She notes that the families would need mosquito nets and possibly medicine for waterborne diseases.

The affected CFCA sponsored friends and their families still receive monthly benefits, but the floods washed away most of their food, clothing, belongings and livestock. The community has embraced the families with places to stay and food, but Lucy could see the flood was stretching resources paper thin.

CFCA has issued an emergency grant to the Kisumu project. The money will help provide warm clothing, bedding, mattresses and food. The children will receive gum boots (tall rubber boots) to protect their feet from parasites in the muddy, wet ground.

This community is home for 30 families. The CFCA grant will provide labor and supplies to help these families rebuild and repair damage caused by the flood to their homes.

“The rainy season challenges our families but we constantly are amazed at how resilient they are,” said Felipe Reyes, project director for Kenya. “The heartwarming stories of how families in poverty take in others who are worse off just make you want to help more.”

CFCA will continue to work with the families to rebuild. For these families and others who are impacted by natural disasters, you can donate to the CFCA Disaster Assistance Fund.

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