May 17 2013

How the Taylors know their sponsored friend through ‘love of letters’

Sponsors can travel around the world, experience many cultures and make new friends … all through the pages of a letter! See how CFCA sponsors Steve and Jayne Taylor “met” their sponsored friend, Nathasha, through precious letters, even as they plan to meet her in person this October.

By Steve Taylor, CFCA sponsor

It has been just over a year since my wife, Jayne, and I began sponsoring Nathasha, a 17-year-old from Hyderabad, India, but WHAT A YEAR.

Nathasha’s maturity, sincerity, appreciation, beautiful thoughts and handwriting are evident in the letters she has sent.

She has done a wonderful job responding to stories and questions from the letters and eLetters we have sent.

Letting Nathasha know I intend to visit her on the October 2013 CFCA awareness trip to India heightened the value of the letters as we get to know each other and our respective families prior to actually meeting.

Our respective letters don’t need to be translated, and she has a very enjoyable writing style.

She shares the joys and challenges in her life. In June she wrote that her father abandoned the family several years ago, causing her, her mother and sister to live with their grandmother. She said my letters make her feel like she has a father again.

It doesn’t take more motivation than that to want to write to her, but there is much more motivation.

She knows I search the web to learn about India, and she can also search the web to learn about the U.S. and specifically Newport News, Va., but she wants to learn about these things through our letters. I guess my wife and I have a lot more letters to write.

I also plan to bring an iPad on the trip, filled with video and pictures of our area, church community and my wife’s school.

I once asked if I was writing too much. She replied, “We actually enjoy and we anxiously await your letters. It is like a kind of health energy and encouragement, which boosts our feelings. It is a great pleasure to have your letters often written to me which makes me feels your presence is with us.”

From her letters, we’ve learned that her 16-year-old sister is a wonderful cook. Her grandmother is a seamstress, and I also look forward to seeing her work. She has such wonderful friends in college. She says, “It’s a disappointment when even one isn’t around.”

We know how hard Nathasha is working in school to achieve her goal of a nursing degree. Beyond the nursing degree, we can tell she is called to a greater purpose.

We look forward to future letters to see where her journey will take her. We enjoy encouraging her and letting her know how proud we are of her and her family.

We would have been blessed with just the two letters during the year. With many letters between us, we are not just sponsors of a sponsored child; we are a part of each other’s families through our “love of letters.”

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2 thoughts on “How the Taylors know their sponsored friend through ‘love of letters’”

  1. This is a wonderful blog- couldn’t agree more, and the energy that is shared through letters. Just opening one from a sponsored child in Kenya today gave that same great feeling…thank you for putting these thoughts and emotions into words!! Blessings to you!

  2. I have a very similar experience with my sponsored friend. She is also from Hyderabad and she is 13 years old and lost her father in natural way a year ago. I write the letter to her every week and it is like having conversation with her.
    I visited India on MAT 2012 and it is excellent idea to go there and see your friend. You will never forget this trip in your lifetime, this is just unbelievable experience. I’ve met my child and her family and from being part of my life they became my life. After this visit and after seeing condition they are living in I decided to sponsor her brother and help the family even more with whatever I can.
    Taking iPad is excellent idea, I did it too. Be prepare that you will not be able to communicate there using it. Have a great trip and God bless.

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