May 8 2013

Honduras awareness trip brings ‘love and blessings’

“Bob’s notes” are reports from CFCA President Bob Hentzen, who regularly accompanies awareness trip participants. You can see Bob’s full update on his Facebook page.

In God’s loving care, we have come to Honduras with 24 sponsors plus CFCA staff members from several projects.

I really enjoy seeing the manifestations of love and enthusiasm by both children and sponsors. This is the celebration of a true family reunion, with poetry, songs and hymns.

What I’m hearing:

“Thank God, we can still think of a more united world.” — Jose Carlos

“I am proud and pleased to be part of CFCA. I have received much love and many blessings.” — Theresa Farmer

“I promote CFCA … [CFCA] sponsors are some of the best people in the world.” — Christine Gray

“The way we thank God is to help our neighbor.” — Father Art Kirwin

“It has been a great experience. I want to thank the CFCA staff.” — Diane Palmer

“Thank you for sharing God’s love with us.” — Julio CFCA-Ocotepeque staffer.

Bob speaking: “What a beautiful experience to spend this day with CFCA sponsored friends and their families of San Marcos. I always find them outgoing and affectionate.”

Final note: Photo credits for this report go to Juan Ramon and colleagues at CFCA-Ocotepeque. I wish I could communicate the conviction and enthusiasm of these sponsors. They have sponsored four new children on this trip. In addition, they are requesting 36 profiles of children waiting for sponsorship with plans to invite and motivate new sponsors. Cristina and I will have a few days in Guatemala, before leaving for Santa Cruz, Bolivia, with another great group of travelers. We look forward to seeing everyone in June, and we wish you every blessing.

Bob Hentzen


April 2013

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