May 16 2013

Harry’s trip experiences from Cali, Colombia

CFCA sponsored child in Cali, Colombia

Harry gets help with a photo shoot from Juan, a sponsored child in Cali.

Harrison Garcia, CFCA communications center liaison for Colombia, recently returned from a visit to the city of Cali, Colombia. Read his personal experience of visiting sponsored friends and the beautiful friendships he made.

By Harrison Garcia, CFCA communications liaison for Colombia

As a communications liaison, it is always a gift to have the chance to visit CFCA projects in another city or country.

I recently had the chance to visit the CFCA office in Cali, Colombia.

The people in Cali are sweet, and they welcomed me as if I were family or we were old friends.

I was greeted with big smiles and strong hugs.

The sponsored children in Cali are wonderful. They are curious, kind, playful and very active. They bring you their love and their care even if they just met you.

CFCA sponsored child

Viviana, a sponsored child in Cali.

When I said goodbye to them to visit another community, one of the sponsored children started to cry because she did not want to say goodbye.

It was a touching moment. I felt so loved and it was the best compensation for my work as a communications liaison.

mothers in Cali, Colombia

CFCA staff members and the community of sponsored friends and their families worked together to repair storm damage to their homes.

Strong bonds

The women who participate in the mothers groups are united and care for each other.

I noticed their bond during a mothers group meeting at a school.

I was covering a story, and it started to rain very hard. Everyone got worried and ran to see what happened to their homes, which were not far from the school.

In that instant, I felt the love and care they felt for each other.

Many of the mothers experienced some roof damage, but everyone helped each other with the repair of the homes.

It is very nice to see how the families work together to get ahead, and everyone has a role to play in some way.

‘Music in their blood’

People in Cali have the rhythm of the music in their blood. They are very talented dancers, especially when it comes to salsa dancing.

Salsa dancing

Miguel, a CFCA sponsored child, and his dance partner, Catalina, rehearsing for their dance performance.

I had the chance to see the salsa-dancing talents of Miguel, a sponsored child in Cali. I felt privileged to have the chance to meet Miguel.

He is very special and talented, and he is happy despite the economic needs of his family.

‘A gift from God’

The landscape of Cali is a true gift from God.

There are all kinds of animals, flowers and other native plants.

Some of the families of sponsored children grow coffee and lulo trees. Lulo trees produce the lulo fruit, which tastes like tangy pineapple or a combination of lime and rhubarb.

Many families also grow oranges, onions, coriander, lettuce and other fruits and vegetables.

Cali has many tourist sites to visit. The air is fresh and it is a peaceful place.

My favorite part of my trip in Cali was to see how the community of sponsored friends and their families really love CFCA.

They are grateful for all the support they receive from their sponsors.

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  1. Felicidades Harry, por tu trabajo. Es gratificante ver como las familias aman CFCA y paso a paso se sigue construyendo Esperanza para una familia.

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