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May 15 2013

Family in India starts small hotel with mothers group loans

Happy International Day of Families! Today, we celebrate families around the world and their successes. Read about Jyothi in India and how her family now runs a successful hotel in their village.

We recently heard from our Hyderabad project in India about several mothers of sponsored children who are exemplifying the potential of families living in poverty. Here’s the story of Jyothi – enjoy!

The main occupation in our village is agriculture. Since my family doesn’t have any farmland, we had a dairy business instead.

Our dairy business was not successful, and we went into severe debt. It became very difficult to provide for our family.

It’s fortunate that both of my sons could be part of the sponsorship program. My eldest son, Raj, recently graduated with an engineering degree and is pursuing special coaching related to his field. Raj graduated from the sponsorship program after he finished his studies.

My youngest son, Ravi, is still sponsored and is pursuing an engineering degree as well.

The expenses for engineering school are very high. When required, I take a loan from my mothers group and pay the school fees. My sons might have dropped out of school if we were not blessed with sponsorship.

When I first heard about a mothers group loan, my husband and I discussed our situation, and we decided to start a hotel in our village. I took out a loan from the group and started the hotel. Once I repaid the loan, I was able to take out more loans to develop our hotel.

With the second loan, I purchased a gas cylinder and stove, and the third loan helped us purchase a grinder and refrigerator for the hotel.

The hotel has been supporting us for the last 10 years. We also have a staff of four other people to help us run the hotel; so the hotel is actually supporting five families, including us. My children also work in our hotel when they are on school break. They help us even though they are doing higher studies.

Whatever we are now is because of CFCA. We are so thankful to CFCA.

2 thoughts on “Family in India starts small hotel with mothers group loans”

  1. Another example of how sponsors make a diffence not just for those they sponsor but also through the “chain reaction” of someone being sponsored. Excellent story!

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