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May 20 2013

Colombian mother surfs her way to success

CFCA in Colombia

Aura and her son Alexander, who is sponsored through the Hope for a Family program.

What do you get when you cross CFCA, a computer and a mother willing and ready to make a difference for her and her family?

Aura is a mother to four boys in Colombia. Her son Alexander is sponsored through the Hope for a Family program. Through CFCA mothers groups, Aura learned reading, writing and how to use a computer. This helped her to demonstrate a love for learning to her four children.

Congratulations, Aura!

I always tell my children that a good education is the key for a successful future.

I was worried about them because they were not doing well at school, so I made a decision. I decided the best way to teach my children is by giving them a good example.

So I became their example.

Aura, mother of a sponsored child

Aura puts her skills to the test at a CFCA office in Colombia.

Thanks to my son’s sponsorship, I had a chance to join a CFCA mothers group.

I am so thankful for CFCA because I did not know how to write and to read before. Thanks to the CFCA staff, I learned to read and write letters, and now I help at the CFCA office.

One of the mothers group leaders had a great idea to learn how to use a computer, so we could help our children do well in school.

At first I was nervous to take the computer class, but I did very well.

Since I started to attend the CFCA meetings and events, I have learned many new things, and I have never lost the hope to have a better life.

The other mothers in my group supported me and encouraged me.

I have good times with the other mothers, and they have helped me a lot.

Now, I can type letters on the computer and surf the Internet. The Internet allows us to discover the world.

I like the class because now I can help my children with their homework on the computer.

Aura and her husband, Hector.

“I congratulate my wife for studying and learning new things to get ahead in life.” — Hector, Aura’s husband, pictured above.

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  1. Congratulations, Aura! What an inspiring story. You are an inspiration to me, also. God bless you and your family.

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