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Apr 25 2013

World Malaria Day: How sponsorship is making a difference

CFCA sponsor Dave Herbison and sponsored child Moreen in Uganda

David Herbison meets with his sponsored friend Moreen in Uganda in this 2011 photo from the CFCA archives. Sponsorship benefits helped provide for treatment when Moreen had malaria.

Malaria affects the lives of CFCA sponsored friends around the world. Sponsorship can help provide medicine, mosquito nets and malaria prevention information in a supportive environment tailored to each family’s needs.

By Elizabeth Alex, CFCA community outreach and media relations director

April 25 may be World Malaria Day on the calendar, but for lots of people living in poverty, every day is malaria day.

CFCA sponsor David Herbison discovered the harsh reality in person when he visited his sponsored friend Moreen in Uganda in 2011.

“She was battling malaria,” David remembers. “You could tell she was appreciative of the visit, but she was tired, lethargic and struggling.”

Making life even more miserable, the malaria was causing Moreen to miss school.

“Education was a priority to her,” David explains. “She was so close to achieving her goal.”

David spoke to the local project coordinator, offering to pay for medicine to help Moreen.

But he learned the medicine she needed was already there. By the time he left Uganda, Moreen was on the mend.

Medicine, mosquito nets and malaria prevention information all can be part of sponsorship benefits for CFCA families who need it.

That is the beauty of a sponsorship program focusing on individual families and their needs as CFCA does.

In the end, the Herbison family’s sponsorship may have saved Moreen’s life.

She recovered, finished her studies and is now enrolled in a university studying fashion design – the only child in her family to go to school at all.

David and his family know all about Moreen’s progress through the letters they exchange as part of the sponsorship program.

The dollar a day David gives for Moreen provides life-changing opportunities to her and her family.

But David doesn’t see it that way.

“I am not making a difference in the world,” David said. “Being a sponsor is making a world of difference to me.”

Dave Herbison, CFCA sponsor, and his sponsored child Moreen in Uganda

Moreen is pictured with her sponsor, David Herbison, who visited her as part of a 2011 CFCA awareness trip to Uganda.

2 thoughts on “World Malaria Day: How sponsorship is making a difference”

  1. As CFCA-Kampala project we delight in receiving new sponsorships. However, it is not unusual that several of these plus others not yet sponsored pass away because Malaria claimed their lives.

    How more grateful can we be to sponsors who save lives that should have been claimed by Malaria, through Medical care!

    I feel you Dave…. And I can tell you, your sponsorship towards Moreen has provided for way more than saving her life…. it has created a clear and bright opportunity for her and her family. With the support you have provided, she can only be a resource to our country, Uganda – the Pearl of Africa.
    Long Live CFCA; be the change you want to see in the world

    1. God’s continued blessings on you Teddy, the CFCA Uganda team, and all the beautiful people of Uganda! And much love to Moreen and her family.

      May your positive, compassionate example continue to be a source of hope for God’s children and families throughout the Pearl of Africa.

      Much love and Godspeed –
      David Herbison

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