Apr 19 2013

What do you think of our redesigned CFCA blog?

CFCA Awareness trip to Kenya

CFCA sponsor and awareness trip traveler, Tom Weir, right, shows photos on his smartphone to his sponsored child, Purity, and her mother, Monica, in Kenya.

A little rouge goes a long way, especially when it’s got html coding behind it. Welcome to our newly renovated blog: Around the World with CFCA! Check out our new layout, enjoy larger photos of our sponsored friends and their families and navigate easily between pages. Click the link below and let us know what you think!

By Shanxi Omoniyi, CFCA online content manager

Welcome, friends! If you’re a longtime blog reader, you may have noticed our new look and redesign. We’re excited to give you a quick tour and then open the conversation up to you.

Our new layout is cleaner, more integrated to our website’s design, and more responsive to whatever platform our readers are using. If, for example, you’re accessing our blog on your smartphone, tablet or computer, the screen size and resolution will adjust accordingly.

We’ve also given our other social media channels more prominence up front. You’ll find it easier than ever to share posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. And as always, feel free to email us with any questions, at any time.

We’ve taken steps to enlarge the font size and headlines, making the blog’s overall appearance more visually appealing. You’ll be seeing a lot more photographs, and in higher resolution and quality, too!


The redesign has both top and right-hand navigation options to make finding things easier.

“Ask Sponsor Services,” one of our most popular pages where we answer sponsors’ questions, is still prominent on our top navigation bar.

On our “About” page, you can read more about the bloggers and contributors who bring our stories and other content to you. Now you can finally start putting faces to all these names! Many people contribute to our blog, and we need each one of them to help tell the stories happening around the CFCA world.

If you’re a blogger, you can “blog about us” and explore some resources we have for those who want to share CFCA with their friends.

On the right-hand navigation bar, you can browse blog categories and subscribe to our blog and CFCA eNewsletter.

We’ve also featured a link to our ever-popular “Recipes” section where you can try food straight from the countries of our sponsored friends.

Ultimately, everything posted to the blog should accomplish this goal: to invite everyone of good will — both current and future sponsors, CFCA staffers, sponsored friends — to join and help build the greater CFCA community. This blog redesign is for you.

4 thoughts on “What do you think of our redesigned CFCA blog?”

  1. Thank you all so much! We’ve been working on the redesign for a long time, but we’re so glad to hear it’s all worth it. Let us know if you have any ideas for us to make it even better!

    ~Shanxi, CFCA online content manager

  2. Wonderful design with easy access! Congratulations to the team that has brought this new design to the CFCA website. It represents dedication, hard work and most of all LOVE for this mission. Congrats!

  3. I really love it. It has a very friendly vibe and interesting stories. Just the right amount of everything. Although I delete most of the newsletters in my inbox just from lack of time, I always feel compelled to open the CFCA newsletter because it always has something in it that makes me smile or gives me food for thought, new ideas, and makes me feel connected to other sponsors.

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