Apr 18 2013

‘Moving on up,’ part 2: Colombian mother sends update about first home


After a lot of hard work to reach her dream, Celina invites you to see her new home!

We recently met Celina, mother of two sponsored children in the Hope for a Family sponsorship program in Colombia. Through CFCA, Celina was able to purchase the required materials she needed to start her own homemade empanada business and make the dream of owning her first home a reality.

Harry Garcia, our communications liaison in Colombia, visited Celina in her new home and sent us an update of what she’s doing now and how the Hope for a Family program is still making a difference in her and her family’s life.

A view of the hallway in Celina's new home: new floors and fresh paint!

A view of the hallway in Celina’s new home: new floors and fresh paint!

I feel glad and so blessed! This is the new life that I wanted to bring to my children. We are happy here. I continued my studies, and I am now learning at the fourth-and fifth-grade level.

I am thinking about new projects to generate more income for our family.

My children are smiling all the time and they help my husband and I take care of our home.

I am thankful for CFCA because the mothers groups helped to motivate me and I learned to save my money so that I could have my own house.

I also learned to believe in myself.

I am so thankful for my daughter’s sponsorship because it helped us to reach our goal and to have a happy life.

My husband is so grateful for all the efforts we made to get our own house.


Celina, left, and CFCA staffer, Alba.

For the other mothers who are part of the CFCA program, I have a message:

I know we all have a dream in our hearts, and we have to make our dreams true. Our hearts do not see the difficulties it can take to achieve those dreams.

I know at first we have fears and insecurities, but it is time to overcome these obstacles to get ahead in life.


Celina enjoys cooking her homemade empanadas in her new apartment. Click here to get the recipe!

We can show ourselves that we can do everything we want. When you work hard the time goes by quickly, and once you open your eyes your dream will come true.

Thanks, CFCA, for encouraging me to work hard and to teach me how to make my dream true!

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