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Apr 30 2013

CFCA sponsor ‘sees courage and humanity’ on visit to Costa Rica

Natalie Urban, a CFCA sponsor, was overjoyed to meet her sponsored child and family on a recent visit to Costa Rica. It was the first time her sponsored child had been to the country’s capital, San Jose!

By Natalie Urban, CFCA sponsor

Every year hundreds of sponsors meet their sponsored friends and return home changed and deeply touched by their experience.

I was one of those sponsors on a recent visit to Costa Rica.

For the past 20 years I have sponsored a child through CFCA, an organization dedicated to helping children and elderly people in poverty all over the world.

On the last day of my stay in Costa Rica, my sponsored girl, Lorena, and her family were brought from a remote mountain region, where they live on the border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, to meet me in San Jose.

The mother and her three children, Antonio, 7; Yanci, 11; and Lorena, 2; had come to San Jose, the capital, for the first time.

They met me at my hotel and rode in an elevator, which was a first-time experience for them.

We visited the Children’s Museum in San Jose since they had also never been to a museum.

It was a hands-on experience for them, and the joy on their faces for what they saw was a reward in itself for me.

They were so thrilled with their new experiences. Little Antonio said he wanted to live in the museum!

The joy that they brought me far exceeded what I gave them.

They made me see courage and humanity at its best.

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