Apr 17 2013

CFCA scholar: ‘Poverty is not a hindrance to success’

Grace, a CFCA sponsored child and scholar in the Philippines, overcame extreme poverty and the loss of a parent at a young age. Read Grace’s story, in her own words, as she helps us remember that hard work and dedication will get you everywhere.

The CFCA project in Legazpi, Philippines, recently sent us success stories from young adults who were sponsored through CFCA.

Here’s one from Grace, who just graduated with her teaching degree after many challenges along the way. Congratulations, Grace!

“Poverty is not a hindrance to success” is an old saying, which I can attest to be true.

I was born to a poor family, the third of six children. Before my father passed away, he was a laborer, and my mother is a seamstress. Six mouths to feed is no joke, and we did not leave the burden to our parents alone. Instead we helped them ease the burden.

During my college education, the harsh realities of life were instilled in me when my dear father soon came to terms with God and left us.

At first, it was hard for me to believe that plain yet shocking truth. Heavy tears fell from my sad eyes because our family’s financial status was unstable.

My mother’s salary is not enough for our daily necessities, and, as the sole breadwinner, she finds it difficult to make ends meet.

As the third child in the brood of six, I began working while I was in school, so I could finish my studies and help my family.

Self-pity was not in my vocabulary. I was determined to finish my studies so that I could help my family, and so that my future children will not experience the kind of poverty I experienced in life.

I’ve implanted in my mind that poverty is a competitive edge — it’s not something to be ashamed of. It is an engine that will propel us to greater heights.

Though I was challenged by the cruel fangs of poverty in many situations, generous people who shared their selfless love gave me the courage to continue.

Through the help of Almighty God, I was able to be one of the CFCA scholars studying for a bachelor’s in elementary education. I persevered and finished my studies. I earned my diploma and successfully passed the teacher’s licensure examination.

After graduation, I applied for a teaching position in a private school, and I was hired.

I work at a private school as a preschool and elementary teacher.

Now I can help my mother send my younger siblings to school and help provide for their needs.

This experience has taught me that there is no easy way to achieve our goals. Instead, it takes a lot of prayer, hard work and patience and, most of all, an appreciation of the life you have.

I really believe that life offers happiness and problems are part of our trials in life, but all these things make us strong. In God, all things become easier.

Thanks to CFCA! More power!

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