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Apr 22 2013

CFCA celebrates Earth Day

A landscape in El Salvador.

Today is Earth Day, a day to celebrate the world in which we live. Read more about Earth Day and see photos of sponsored friends and their families enjoying the outdoors where they live.

Happy Earth Day! Families in the CFCA sponsorship program are united by their closeness to Mother Earth.

From the daily search for firewood and potable water, to the rugged trek through the elements required for so many of our school-age children, the realities of the natural world are never far from their minds.

This closeness to the earth brings challenges, especially for those who are particularly vulnerable to natural disasters and the scarcity of resources. But blessings can be found in the awareness that human life and the life of our planet are inextricably bound together.

Today, as we observe Earth Day, may we be resolved to learn from those for whom respect for the earth is not a wish, but a daily lived reality.

These photos celebrate the families CFCA serves from different regions around the world.

Guatemala: Central America


Pablo, right, father of a CFCA sponsored child, and his family harvest onions. “Onions are seeds of hope for my family. When we harvest onions we are also harvesting hope. This is our livelihood.” — Pablo

El Salvador: Central America

Clockwise, from left: 1) Brenda, sister of a sponsored child in El Salvador, finds the perfect spot for a bit of shade. 2) A tree in a rural area where many sponsored friends and their families live. 3) Three sisters, including CFCA sponsored child Katia, left, enjoy the outdoors.

Bolivia: South America


Gabriela, second from left, with her mother and siblings outside their home. Gabriela is a CFCA sponsored child who lives in a mountainous area of Bolivia.

Kenya: Africa


Sophia, left, a CFCA sponsored child in Kenya, with her mother Ann. Sophia and Ann are part of the Maasai tribe.

India: Asia


Archana, left, a CFCA sponsored child, joins her family on the land they farm for a living. The family lives in a rural area about 50 miles from the city of Hyderabad, India.

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