Apr 15 2013

CFCA caption contest: Fun times with Bob in Guatemala

CFCA Awareness trip to Guatemala

What do you get when you cross an interesting photo with the CFCA blog? A CFCA caption contest of course! Send us your best caption for this pic to win a CFCA coffee mug.

CFCA President Bob Hentzen, a microphone and smiles from thousands of sponsored children can only mean one thing.

A CFCA caption contest!

How would you describe what’s going on in this picture, taken by Erin Gaffaney, on a CFCA awareness trip to Guatemala? Share with us your clever caption by adding a comment below.

(Here’s a refresher on our guidelines: We don’t, of course, accept offensive or inappropriate comments, profane or abusive language.)

Please submit your captions to us by noon CST on Wednesday, April 24.

A team of qualified panelists (a.k.a. CFCA employees) will then select and announce the winning caption in early May. The winner will receive a prize of a CFCA coffee mug as well as recognition from the general CFCA community.


20 thoughts on “CFCA caption contest: Fun times with Bob in Guatemala”

  1. Bob is singing to the kids and the caption reads…you make me so very happy!!! I’m so glad you came into my life!!

  2. What do you mean I don’t have enough hot air to blow up a baloon myself? / ¿Qué quieren decir con que no tienen suficiente aire caliente para volar un globo de mí mismo? :-) (Spanish via Google translate so I apologize if it’s all messed up!)

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