Mar 26 2013

How do you share CFCA with others?

CFCA volunteers

From left: CFCA volunteers Rafaela, Daniela and Luka Bradvica share CFCA with friends and family. How do you talk about your sponsorship?

Rather than spend a lot of money on advertising, CFCA relies on the enthusiasm of our volunteers and all the other sponsors who informally share what sponsorship means to them.

More than 7,000 volunteers have stepped forward to help spread the word about CFCA among their friends, families and communities.

What are your ways of sharing CFCA with others?

There are so many ways and opportunities to share the work of CFCA. Everyone uses a different approach based on their interests and talents. Thatís why we want to hear what works for you!

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Here are a few ideas from volunteers to get us started:

  • Eleven-year-old Grace Castillo sells crocheted hair accessories she makes herself to raise funds for CFCA’s Hope for a Family program. At craft fairs, Grace shows those who stop by her table a picture of her sponsored friend, and she talks about how special he is to her family.
  • College Student Daniela Bradvica encourages students in Catholic schools to sponsor a child. She even helps them create classroom bulletin boards that feature the country of their sponsored friend.
  • Clement Ward hosted a movie night to show CFCA’s “Rise and Dream” documentary. He put announcements in church bulletins around town and developed fliers with information about CFCA, including our website.
  • Kristi Sands spreads the word about CFCA’s work through an email signature that appears at the bottom of every email she sends. The signature reads, “Won’t you please consider joining me in sponsoring a child?” and includes a link to her CFCA “My Outreach” page. She goes on to say, “I’ve been a sponsor since 1999, met my girls in Nicaragua in 2011, and have found the whole experience so worthwhile! Since I can’t sponsor them all myself, I’m looking for others who can help.”

Leave a comment and let us know how you share CFCA with others!

3 thoughts on “How do you share CFCA with others?”

  1. Arranging a Weekend Presentation from one of the CFCA priests at your parish is a very powerful way to bring the message of CFCA to the parish community.

    Setting up a booth promoting CFCA at local craft fairs or church related activities.
    Sharing pictures and letters from your sponsored children really personalize this experience.

    Invite current sponsors in your community to a letter writing party.
    This is a good way to encourage active involvement with the sponsored children/aging while exposing the works of CFCA to other family members.

    For those who have been on Mission Awareness Trips, sharing photos and describing experiences to friends, the local school, and other parish members gives people a glimpse of what CFCA is all about from your own perspective.

    Invite others to join you on a Mission Awareness Trip. It’s a life changing experience!

  2. Go on a Mission Awareness Trip, return and then tell the people what is in your heart. Your enthusiasm will be apparent to all.

  3. I have photos of my sponsored friends displayed right along side my family photos. People normally ask about the photos and it allows me the opportunity to tell them about CFCA and sponsorship.

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